More protection than a bivvy bag and more packable than a tent.. Free Delivery Free Returns Same Day Despatch 1 - Bivvy Bag. And then I just end up tugging at whatever I can get my hands on in an effort to breath fresh air again as quickly as possible! However, it is not guaranteed to withstand heavy downpour and so it is always best to find out the weather conditions before going camping with the bivy bag in tow. the Hunka is an excellent bivi bag. Are you considering taking a small break from the city and its hassles by going camping but you are worried about how you are going to afford to buy a tent? It does everything needed at an amazingly low price. Mountain Journal is our log of stories and features: Daring Deeds tales of adventure; Spotlight knowledge base; Develop designers notes; Alpkit Foundation awards and News.

Hunka XL is more your jam. They’re well worth considering if you’re heading out for an overnight hiking trip. But the drawcord allows you to alter the fit according to your preference and the conditions. The Hunka bivvy bag converts your sleeping bag into a shelter for the evening. A simple bivvy bag weighing less than 400 g, Hunka is breathable, packs down small and a favourite of many weight conscious bikepackers and alpinists. Alpkit Bivvy bags MSR Rab Robens Terra Nova. This set up was similar in size to a typical hooped bivi tent so only really suitable for overnight. It might not be quite ideal to use in locations with lots of bugs and mosquitoes, as there's always the risk of crawling insects getting in through the open space. It is not unusual to find people using it for camping in fields, under trees and even behind vehicles.

Width: Shoulders - 80 cm; Foot - 50 cm

No trip is complete without visiting the North Pennines, ask us about the best spots, Think of it as our Lake District base camp. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Editor. Just when you thought the Hunka was the perfect bivvy bag for you, we came up with the XL.Sleep can make or break your long awaited adventure. The Hunka is compact at under 400 g; perfect for all adventurers from alpinists and big wall climbers to minimalist campers and expedition leaders... Read more. Award winning outdoor and bike brand born out of a passion for the outdoors. The Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag is pretty sturdy and not prone to a lot of damage. The Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag is small and light enough to use as an emergency bivvy bag. What could be better than sleeping out in the open making wishes on shooting stars, breathing in that crisp, fresh air and waking up to a beautiful sunrise. It is due to arrive in stock soon and should be available from soon.

Lofting space is a fundamental. As an amazon associate, qualifying purchases help us earn to keep this site working. Helping 55 year old charity to meet the needs of today’s modern society, engaging with children and young people from the most difficult to reach backgrounds helping them, Amazing trio raise over £4000 for the Alpkit Foundation as they properly Go Nice Places, Do Good Things from Lands End to John'O'Groats. Alpkit doesn't try to fool anyone with the Hunka XL - they admit that it is not 100% breathable, and it is not 100% waterproof either. Dive in discover a world of Go Nice Places Do Good Things. The Hunka XL is in its Alpkit specialise in the lightweight camping equipment you need for self-supported adventures. What Are Some Lifesaving Tips for an Amateur Hiker? Same Day Despatch. 10 Adventure Documentaries You'll Not Want to Miss, Women’s Hiking Boots: The Best for Female Feet in 2019, Campfire Cooking Equipment: An Essential Guide to Wild Feasts, 10 Best Waterproof Backpacks for Wet Adventures in 2020, Why You CAN Look Forward to the 20/21 Winter Season, Night Hike: 19 Steps to Planning the Perfect Trip, Review: Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe (And M1 Grill), Halloween Camping: 9 Eerie Ideas That Will Stop You from Sleeping. Pretty much our back garden and product testing ground, Our own patch in the North East. So I was determined not to wait until summer until I busted out the Hunka. In deep riverside valleys, the morning dew can be so heavy that I’ve often questioned whether it actually rained in the night or not. My minimalist tarp set up using the Alpkit rig 3.5. But in the morning when I have heat panic and want out, I would prefer a single drawcord (instead of two), to release me from the tangled mess that the drawstrings seemed to have created for themselves overnight! I crashed out on a hilltop heath not far from a public footpath. Add in a sleeping mat and all that lovely lofty down gets compressed too much to be effective, causing lots of chilly spots especially around my feet and hips. We run, hike, climb, camp, swim and bike. The Alpkit Hunka can be set up anywhere and can be packed up with ease again once the camping is over. At 664g it is the second heaviest bivvy bag on test, but at £140 it is very competitively priced. The mountains were calling. The Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag is lightweight and compact making it easy for you to transport it effortlessly to and fro camp.

), Lightweight folding titanium camping fork, Titanium mug perfectly sized for morning coffee and soup at lunch, A perfectly sized titanium cooking mug for the soloist adventurer, Meths camping stove weighing just 150g with a flame regulator, This is possibly the world's lightest camping stove, Torso length self-inflating mat, weighing 450 g, Sign Up to Alpcols newsletter sharing tales of Go Nice Places Do Good Things, By adding your email you consent to our terms and conditions, A simple bivvy bag weighing less than 400 g, Hunka is breathable, packs down small and a favourite of many weight conscious bikepackers and alpinists, Tapered shape, sculpted hood with dual drawcords, Fully taped seams enhance water resistance. Having a December birthday and an obsession for the outdoors, means I don’t get to reap the benefits of many of my gifts until months later. Tents, tarps, bivvy bags, sleeping bags and mats, camping stoves and cookware, food and water purification all combine to make your home away from home. When you know how, a tarp is one of the most versatile and handy bits of kit you can own. Rob Slade. or maybe forpoonk? Sign Up to Alpcols newsletter sharing tales of Go Nice Places Do Good Things, By adding your email you consent to our terms and conditions.

My only gripe is the functionality of the draw cord which can be a little awkward sometimes.

Even if you are the type who prefers camping in tents, having a bivvy bag would come in handy if you get a sudden urge to go backpacking or you just can’t be bothered to pack a lot of gear along with you. But where it really shines is on fast and light missions into the wild. No need to go looking for some cute little drawstring sack when you’re up before dawn freezing your nuts off.

We update our offers, bundles and clearance section every week to keep our small warehouse tidy. Free Delivery. A bivy sack is an excellent alternative to a tent.
Free Returns. Sub 1kg hooped bivvy bag with self-supporting canopy, mesh ventilation and zipped side entry. Our bivvy bags are the perfect partner for such adventures. In March 2020, when the true threat of the new corona virus became apparent across Europe, I was on holiday in Spain. The extra space allows you to store belongings at the foot of the bag or have your sleeping mat inside the bivvy bag, keeping everything lovely and dry.

Simplicity. Announced last, the Alpkit Elan is a sub-1kg, waterproof bivy bag with a pole-supported canopy, mesh ventilation, and a zippered entry. Life is simpler when you love the outdoors. Hooray!.. Gravitas ultra-lightweight waterproof, now in sulphur.

The Hunka deals with that level of moisture with no problem at all. A bivy sack is an excellent alternative to a tent. It is affordable (See Current Price), it is well-priced even for those on tight budgets as opposed to bivy tents which can cost a lot more. It does not require poles or stakes and so setting up camp is just a matter of climbing into the bag and going to sleep. Breathability: MVP of 10,000 g/m²/24 hour, Weight: 330 g (Kelp colourway is 30 g heavier) Lightweight folding titanium spork (or foon? The bivvy bag is also longer and wider than average, and doesn’t taper at the foot end, thus enabling you to store and waterproof your equipment such as a backpack or pair of hiking boots. The 'Who Knows What's Going on but Let's #WinWinter One Day at a Time' Issue. Joey is based in Cornwall, UK, and runs Cool of the Wild.

It fits easily into your backpack and weighs less than 400g with the blue bag weighing about 348g and the red bag weighing about 336g. Once you’re in, the lightweight drawcord system cinches in around the hood to create a mummy-like cocoon around your head.

Weighing less than 400g, it is perfect for emergency backpacking and can be carried about very easily. A stones throw from Windermere; wild swimming is but a wetsuit away, Our home in the North Lake District. At only 360g the Hunka is a super lightweight solution to wild camping protection.

It is also a perfect choice for nature lovers who would love to feel the night breeze on their faces while lying under a night sky full of stars, not to mention a perfect view of sunrise and the opportunity to sleep close to nature that it affords. By signing up to the Alpkit newsletter you agree to our Terms and Conditions, read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Experience the joy of piecing together your own multi-day adventure with overnight stays in secluded spots. The bivi bag is perfect not only for camping in the woods but also for urban camping, which is a good option for those who would want to spend the night outside but still be close to the city. Despite this palatial spaciousness, the Hunka XL still weighs in at 500 g and rolls up to a teeny, some would even say microscopic, 23 cm x 27 cm size. Although not necessarily an essential for sleeping out in the open, it's worth having one to keep you dry. Although the bag is water-proof, it is still breathable. Packed size: ⌀ 13 x 15 cm.
The Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag is a perfect choice for you. Play on! Bivy sacks have the extra value of being much smaller than tents as well. If stealth camping isn’t your thing, then opting for the happier colours saves you 30g compared with the Kelp. It stuffs into the side pocket of my backpack with ease, or can just be hooked onto the back if there’s no room inside. For users over 6’1” and those with broad shoulders, we recommend the Hunka XL.

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