in 2012, Matthew worked at Goldman Sachs in their Investment Banking Division. Jarred earned a B.B.A. Based in London, Thierry is responsible for capital raising and investor relations in Europe and the Middle East, across the firm’s private equity, growth equity, real estate, credit and life sciences funds. Michael received his B.Sc. Gina has more than a decade of experience in leverage finance.

Before that, Marcelo worked for Angra Infra and spent 6 years at Icatu’s Private Equity and Illiquid Strategies Group. Rob earned his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, Cum Laude, and his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. He also led H.I.G.’s investment in NeuWave Medical, which was acquired by Johnson & Johnson, and represented H.I.G.

He also led online & offline marketing at Ancestry where he launched media for the world’s #1 DTC consumer DNA testing brand and helped build out global digital marketing for the Gap family of brands.
Matt is a Principal based in the Miami office of H.I.G. Capital portfolio companies.

John speaks German and French and holds a BA in Modern Languages from Durham University. Advises organizations on strategies to help them thrive within the context of global industry and regulatory change. John has more than 25 years of experience focused on credit investments, including primary loans and distressed debt, as well as private equity investments. Emeric Déramaux is a Director of H.I.G. Previously, Stuart worked in the GE Capital Markets Group Inc. where he was promoted to Leader of all domestic Product Execution including Syndications, Private Placements, Securitization and Trade Finance.
Since joining H.I.G. Marcelo was a member of the Board of Directors of Energisa S.A. (ENGI3), CSS - Cell Site Sollutions S.A., Santiliana Group, Transmissora Aliança de Energia Elétrica S.A (TAEE11), Brasil Comercio & Turismo, Ambievo S.A. and American Glass Products Ltd. Prior to joining the WhiteHorse team in 2004, Nate held investment banking and corporate lending positions at Credit Lyonnais, Sanwa Bank and Wells Fargo. in 2007, Naveen has been involved in all aspects of the investment process, including sourcing, transaction structuring, financing, and post-closing execution. Prior to H.I.G., Rob was an executive at IPWireless ("IPW"), a wireless infrastructure provider. At Innovations Foundation, Michael was instrumental in building multiple high growth companies derived from academic or federally sponsored research programs. Karen began her career at ICL before spending 20 years in Hewlett Packard, where she headed up worldwide sales and marketing.

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