It has 4 modes including low, medium, high, and an SOS strobe setting. This versatile LED Lantern runs on just 3 d cell batteries. It … This lantern is almost as bright as the UST 30-Day, but does not have even close to the same battery life. It is very bright, but not as heavy as its 60-day brother, which still allows it to be a great backpacking lantern. It has been designed specifically for the outdoors and camping, which also makes it an ideal lantern to keep set aside for emergency situations. This lantern is the heaviest of our six, weighing in at almost 4 pounds.

Simply twist it to correct it over the assortment of 75 lumens into some 1000 lumens. The housing is water resistant and designed for rugged use.

High mode puts out an impressive 508 lumens, which can light a fairly large area. Runner-Up Best Budget: LE LED Camping Lantern ($20) With more than 5,600 reviews, it’s clear that this battery-powered lantern is a fan favorite. This is a battery operated lantern that runs on three D-cell batteries and it is made with a rubber housing that is both water and impact resistant. Having adequate lighting in these unpredictable situations is essential for your safety and survival. This makes it the best for camping or hiking if you are planning on carrying your gear.

It is very compact and saves space, feature that is vital when you are packing or camping. The company uses military grade, water resistant materials and offers a 10-year warranty.

The lantern comes in black, silver, and glow. The AYL Starlight LED Lantern is another excellent option for you to consider. This is a great lantern for camping and emergency preparedness. LaRayovac has produced the Sportsman LED Camping Lantern. It is on the heavier side, so it would not be best for activities where you will be carrying all of your gear in a backpack. When not in use, a green light blinks so that it can easily be found in the dark.

In the bottom brightness, it offers you immense battery lighting.

The overall winner in my opinion is Ultimate Survival Technology’s 30-Day lantern. The LED camping lantern is large in size, but the plastic housing allows it to remain relatively lightweight. With 240 lumens, this lantern is great to have around for emergencies or short car camping trips. Whether you are planning on a trip into the backcountry or preparing your home for an emergency, proper illumination is an essential tool to have at your disposal. It is IPX7 waterproof, which means that it can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water. The run time of 60 days only applies to the low setting, which at 18 lumens is not a lot of lighting. Find the best bag for you with our top BOB comparison. For comparison purposes, we will be taking a look at each of the following categories. The housing is made of plastic materials and the base is made of impact resistant … The light diffuser easily comes off with a twist to allow the bulb to shine brighter. After just one minute of cranking, you can get 11 minutes of low-level light. If the power goes out due to bad weather, this LED can keep even your darkest rooms lit. Knocking out almost all of our criteria for a great camping lantern in one fell swoop, the Etekcity lantern has it covered. It can produce 60 lumens for about 60 hours. It has to ability to run on either three AA batteries, which are included, or three D-cell batteries. If preparing your home for an emergency, battery powered lanterns will allow you to complete essential tasks, even after dark. The best camping lantern: Our top pick Our pick for the best camping lantern right now is the Vango Lunar 250 Eco Recharge USB lantern. The Best Camping Lantern; 1Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern; 2Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern; 3Streamlight 44931 Camping Lantern; 4Coleman Twin LED Camping Lantern; 5LE Dimmable LED Camping Lantern; 6LE Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern; 7Bolt Lite Solar Rechargeable LED Lantern; 8AYL StarLight; 9Coleman Deluxe PerfectFlow; 10E-TRENDS Portable LED What makes this a camping lantern? They’ve included the AA batteries needed to run the lanterns and promise up to 12 hours of continuous run time. It is a perfect for a small tent when camping, and if your bug out bag is strapped for space, this lantern is key for tight spaces because it collapses for ease of storage. Energizer LED Lantern Review: The Weatheready Lantern by Energizer has three modes including high, low, and an amber nightlight. If you are walking through the woods for an extended time or something else, you might want something bigger with a longer batter life. This makes it an … This lantern would be excellent for a camping trip and it’s one of the best emergency lanterns on the market, offering bright and reliable illumination at a decent cost. The Rayovac Sportsman lantern comes equipped with life lasting 4 watt LED bulbs. It’s a control dial for adjusting the brightness. Hand Crank LED Lantern Review: This hand crank lantern by Ivation is probably the neatest of the six we reviewed here. UST 30 Day Lantern Review: This lantern by UST can run for up to 30 days on its lowest setting of 29 lumens. This lantern is packing 30 LED lights in a circular arrangement for full directional lighting. When traveling in the outdoors, you must be prepared to hike or set up camp at night, even if your plans do not call for it. This is brightest LED lantern of the six. Find everything you need to fill up your BOB on Amazon. With one set of batteries, it can provide light for up to six days straight. Divine LED Lantern Review: The Ultra Bright Lantern from Divine is a lightweight and collapsible lantern that runs on three AA batteries. It boast a … It’s green, duh. When set to low, this lantern offers an amazing run time of 60 days. Batteries will run down in storage, so it is a good idea to store the batteries separately.

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