Our awesome gear makes sure that you are well equipped and prepared for your adventure. Our backpack rental program offers backpacks in all sizes for men, women, and kids — we even rent child carriers. ", Dallas says:  “Want to know more about sleeping bags and getting a good night's rest in the wild? And yes, washed after every rental. RV camping grants travelers the luxury of riding in…, That special time of year has arrived when everyone starts preparing for their summer vacations. Social-distancing isn't a problem with backpackers . You can also rent mattress pads, hydration gear, backpacks, sleeping bags, hiking poles - anything you need for a wonderful outdoor experience - at much lower cost than other local retailers. Suggestions on Treating Water While Backpacking and Camping, Outdoor Gear Product Manuals and User Guides, Our Top 10 Recommended Hiking Areas in Phoenix Arizona, Seven Sins of Boy Scouts (while backpacking), Information on hiking Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon. Or, you can pick up the rental gear at our backpacking and camping retail store in the Phoenix area if your travels are nearby. We've selected trails that are perfect for novice backpackers, or for those interested in backpacking trips with lower mileage and more time for relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Instead, aim for a tent that weighs less than 10 pounds so it … If your dad introduced you to your love of the great outdoors, it's the perfect time to show…, For many folks, meal planning is the biggest thing to worry about when getting ready for a camping trip. And nothing screams summertime nostalgia like an RV…, Can’t bear the thought of leaving your furry friend behind while you set off for adventure? We've got you covered on [...], Rent SPOT and InReach Satellite Communicators, Paddle n' Cast City Night Information Page, See Hobie Kayaks in our Tempe Arizona store, Learn how LowerGear Outdoors Ships Rentals Nationwide, Gear Pickup, Shipping Delivery and Return Suggestions, Team Building, Retreats, Reunions, and Parties, Customer Service Reviews and Testimonials, Learn What Backpacking and Camping Gear to Take on Any Trip, Learn Which Gear to Rent or Buy for Your Trip, How to Select a Backpack and Backpacking Tips, Suggestions for the New Camper or Backpacker, Camping and Backpacking Gear Videos and User Guides, Suggestions for Backpacking and Trail Food Preparation, Suggestions on Using and Renting Hiking Poles, Tips on Rest and Sleeping on Camping Trips. Rental of backpacking and camping tents for shipment to Seattle or pickup at our store is easy; just click on the rental link above to get started. Please contact us for more information. Best ultralight backpacking tent: ZPacks Duplex and Triplex . See product description for more details.". ", Dallas says:  “This is a nice, warm bag, but it's a big boy. Rental of backpacking and camping tents for shipment to Seattle or pickup at our store is easy; just click on the rental link above to get started.

Whether you’re backpacking, car…, Investing in a recreational vehicle (RV) is a big decision. Unless out there, somewhere. Stop in today for a map, kayak, backpack, fuel, paddle, new boots, or rent some gear - we'll be here!

Our backpack rental program offers backpacks in all sizes for men, women, and kids — we even rent child carriers. Snowmobiling, wildlife watching, skiing, and cozying up by…, Whether you’re looking for ideas for a romantic getaway for two, a place where you can go with the family to escape the winter blues, or a fun…, If you’ve been dreaming of your next camping trip, head to Instagram to find your ideal destination. Rent sleeping bags and pads for sub-zero to summer temperature ranges Rent the I-am-surprised-I-can-rent-this particular-camping-gear item If you are a bit of a novice at setting up a tent site, no worries - check out all of our how-to articles to become a pro before your first night out. Not sure how to pack for your trek? It may be winter, but now's the time to get a permit for a summer trip into the Sierras. Dallas says:  “Our rental cost for this item does not include batteries, so be sure to pick some up before your trip! There are more than 70 outdoor gear items on our site you can rent; the most common ones are listed below: Rent tents from 1-person to 6-person sizes for backpacking or car-camping Rent backpacks for any wilderness or airline trip Rent GPS and satellite communication devices Rent camp cooking gear (don't cook inside the tent!) How to Setup a Tent and Select a Camp Site. . We'll ship the backpacking or camping tent rented from us to any convenient location in or near Seattle and throughout Washington, or direct to your home before departing on your trip. Suggestions and User Guides for Operating a GPS, Profile Setup Instructions for FindMeSpot Online, Browse the broad selection of camping and backpacking tents we rent, Rent tents from 1-person to 6-person sizes for backpacking or car-camping, Rent backpacks for any wilderness or airline trip, Rent GPS and satellite communication devices, Rent camp cooking gear (don't cook inside the tent!

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