Saskatchewan announces two PNP immigration draw results. Alberta has considerable ethnic diversity. [32] Alberta is a sunny province. [104] Two of the largest producers of petrochemicals in North America are located in central and north-central Alberta.

According to Alberta's 2009 budget, government revenue in that year came mainly from royalties on non-renewable natural resources (30.4%), personal income taxes (22.3%), corporate and other taxes (19.6%), and grants from the federal government primarily for infrastructure projects (9.8%). [58] In 2016, Alberta continued to have the youngest population among the provinces with a median age of 36.7 years, compared with the national median of 41.2 years. ", "RDC's Future – Today is the start of our University journey – Red Deer College", "$30-million donation from Donald Kaye makes Kaye Edmonton Clinic possible", "Provincial Highway 1–216 Progress Chart", "California's Sister State Relationships",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, University of Calgary Medical Centre (UCMC), Rexall Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research, This page was last edited on 9 November 2020, at 01:13. Its unicameral legislature—the Legislative Assembly—consists of 87 members elected first past the post (FPTP) from single-member constituencies. Highway 4, which effectively extends Interstate 15 into Alberta and is the busiest U.S. gateway to the province, begins at the Coutts border crossing and ends at Lethbridge. Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker Category has two very active streams that do not require job offers. Alberta (/ æ l ˈ b ɜːr t ə /) is one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada. [63] There are also 933,165 residents who identify as a visible minority, including 230,930 South Asian people, 166,195 Filipinos, and 158,200 Chinese respondents. Muslims made up 3.2% of the population, Sikhs 1.5%, Buddhists 1.2%, and Hindus 1.0%. Most of the major cities have several performing theatre companies who entertain in venues as diverse as Edmonton's Arts Barns and the Francis Winspear Centre for Music. Since 1905 the Legislature has used this capacity to continue the model of locally elected public and separate school boards which originated prior to 1905, as well as to create and regulate universities, colleges, technical institutions and other educational forms and institutions (public charter schools, private schools, home schooling). Highway 2 travels north through Fort Macleod, Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton. Both Calgary and Edmonton are home to Canadian Football League and National Hockey League teams (the Stampeders/Flames and Edmonton Football Team/Oilers respectively).

The “right fit” will depend on your situation, as well as the skills and experience you can offer when it comes to the needs of the local labour market. [131][129] Alberta's personal income tax system maintained a progressive character by continuing to grant residents personal tax exemptions of $18,451,[132] in addition to a variety of tax deductions for persons with disabilities, students, and the aged. The Canada Revenue Agency will however continue to issue retroactive payments, if applicable, for previous benefit years. The program is fully funded by the … In 2005, Premier Ralph Klein made a promise that he would freeze tuition and look into ways of reducing schooling costs.[148][149]. It is illegal for individual Albertans to own or keep Norwegian rats of any description; the animals can only be kept in the province by zoos, universities and colleges, and recognized research institutions. [69] As of the 2011 National Household Survey, the largest religious group was Roman Catholic, representing 24.3% of the population. [17] Alberta's current Premier is Jason Kenney of the United Conservative Party, which holds a majority in the Alberta Legislative Assembly. [62], According to the 2016 census, Alberta has 779,155 residents (19.2%) between the ages of 0-14, 2,787,805 residents (68.5%) between the ages of 15-64, and 500,215 residents (12.3%) aged 65 and over. The city's "heritage days" festival sees the participation of over 70 ethnic groups. The region surrounding the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor is notable for having the highest frequency of hail in Canada, which is caused by orographic lifting from the nearby Rocky Mountains, enhancing the updraft/downdraft cycle necessary for the formation of hail.

[126] In 2014, Alberta received $6.1 billion in bitumen royalties. Featured news. Edmonton's Churchill Square is home to a large number of the festivals, including the large Taste of Edmonton & The Works Art & Design Festival throughout the summer months. To qualify an applicant must have at least one year of work experience in one of the positions listed on the In-Demand Occupations List of Saskatchewan. In 2017/18 Alberta collected about $2.4 billion in education property taxes from municipalities.

The oil price increases since 2003 have made it profitable to extract this oil, which in the past would give little profit or even a loss. Soccer, rugby union and lacrosse are also played professionally in Alberta. [47] Taxa are represented by complete fossil skeletons, isolated material, microvertebrate remains, and even mass graves.

Ryan, M. J., and Russell, A. P., 2001. Both Edmonton and Calgary have historic Chinatowns, and Calgary has Canada's third-largest Chinese community. Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge have substantial public transit systems. Annual bright sunshine totals range between 1,900 up to just under 2,600 hours per year. Alberta is the third most diverse province in terms of visible minorities after British Columbia and Ontario with 13.9% of the population consisting of visible minorities in 2006. After the British arrival in Canada, approximately half of the province of Alberta, south of the Athabasca River drainage, became part of Rupert's Land which consisted of all land drained by rivers flowing into Hudson Bay. Public and separate schools, charter schools, and approved private schools all employ teachers who are certificated by Alberta Education, they administer Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Examinations set by Alberta Education, and they may grant high school graduation certificates endorsed by Alberta Education. Alberta is in Western Canada. [101][failed verification]. Agriculture has a significant position in the province's economy. Another tourist destination that draws more than 650,000 visitors each year is the Drumheller Valley, located northeast of Calgary. Alberta's capital city, Edmonton, is located at about the geographic centre of the province. In 2013 Alberta's per capita GDP exceeded that of the United States, Norway, or Switzerland,[83] and was the highest of any province in Canada at C$84,390.

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