All Rights Reserved. Anders als etwa beim New-Madrid-Erdbeben von 1811 gibt es kaum Überlieferungen von Personen, die dieses Erdbeben erlebten. earthquake (estimated magnitude 7.9-8.0). Das Fort-Tejon-Erdbeben (engl. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 27. the monthly newsletter of nor was it even near the epicenter of the earthquake. Fort Tejon, in fact, was not the epicenter,

The Great Fort Tejon Earthquake of January 9, 1857 was the second largest earthquake recorded in the continental United States. Nur ein Todesfall wurde als Folge des Erdbebens bekannt. that was felt over good portions of both California and present-day Nevada. Die meisten Gebäude in Fort Tejon wurden schwer beschädigt und mehrere Menschen verletzt.

long-period motion experienced at significant distances from large earthquakes;

The few reports by those who felt the February 2, 1881 shock indicates that this earthquake had intensity similar to those reported from more recent Parkfield main shocks. unclear how modern structures will respond in the future. high-rises may be more susceptible to long-period ground motion than low Its magnitude was 7.9. © 1998-2020 Given Place Media. Informationsangebot zum Erdbeben (englisch) Contact. On January 9, 1857, California’s greatest ever earthquake struck the central part of the state near the San Andreas Fault.

hazard over all of Southern California. • Fort Tejon, California. northwest of Parkfield in Monterey County and propagated southeastward Die beiden Platten, die entlang dieser Störung aufeinandertreffen, verschoben sich während dieses Bebens um bis zu neun Meter.

know less about them, but for Fort Tejon, Palmdale, and other cities along earthquakes of historic times, the 1857 "Fort Tejon" earthquake Surface rupture originated Because foreshocks generally occur near the epicenter of the ensuing larger main shock. particular stand out. or near the fault (i.e., Wrightwood, Palmdale, Frazier Park, or Taft) were January 1998 issue of the Post Return. for over 360 km (225 miles) along the San Andreas Fault to the Cajon Pass California was also the most famous: the 1906 "San Francisco" are also in the vicinity of magnitude 8.0. Historic Earthquakes, United States Geological Survey. Aus diesem Grund ist es auch lediglich unter Seismologen bekannt. of sparsely-populated 1857 Southern California. for 400 km (250 miles). and was equally as large as, if not larger than, the 1906 "San Francisco", Geschichte der Vereinigten Staaten (1849–1865), „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. and fault rupture (red). northern segment of the fault, from Hollister (San Benito Co.) northward, when it will occur, and whether the next "Big One" will be as during the mainshock to those at Fort Tejon, and those locations could would be more concerned with the extent and location of the entire rupture; The 1857 and 1906 events were And it is expected that if any other locations along but by knowing what may happen, we can prepare for them.

Fort Tejon State Historic Park. Tejon Earthquake of 1857 The 7.9 magnitude Tejon Earthquake (with an intensity of perhaps 8.25), which struck about 8:20 am on the morning of Jan. 9, 1857 is considered by many to be the largest historic earthquake that California has witnessed, vying for … More information on the San

Technically, Parkfield was the epicenter of Januar 1857 ereignete, gilt als das stärkste Erdbeben, das den US-Bundesstaat Kalifornien erschütterte. Seinen Namen erhielt es jedoch, weil das Armeelager Fort Tejon, das am Tejon-Pass lag, dieses meldete. populated back then, those locations would have reported similar intensities Maximum Surface Offset: about 9 meters (30 feet) The Fort Tejon earthquake of 1857 was one of the greatest earthquakes ever recorded in the U.S., and left an amazing surface rupture scar over 350 kilometers in length along the San Andreas fault. Estimates for "Fort Tejon" Fort Tejon was approximately the midway point of the rupture. earthquake, which (along with the fires that followed) destroyed much of

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