the question i have to answer is why britain chose to colonise australia. Drafted by the reformist attorney-general John Plunkett, the Act established legal equality for Anglicans, Catholics and Presbyterians and was later extended to Methodists. On 24 January 1788 a French expedition of two ships led by Admiral Jean-François de La Pérouse had arrived off Botany Bay, on the latest leg of a three-year voyage that had taken them from Brest, around Cape Horn, up the coast from Chile to California, north-west to Kamchatka, south-east to Easter Island, north-west to Macao, and on to the Philippines, the Friendly Isles, Hawaii and Norfolk Island. The land assigned to them was some miles to the westward of Sydney, at a place named by the settlers, "Liberty Plains".

The other was John Macarthur, a Scottish army officer and founder of the Australian wool industry, which laid the foundations of Australia's future prosperity. White settlement began with a consignment of English convicts, guarded by a detachment of the Royal Marines, a number of whom subsequently stayed in the colony as settlers. When he arrived in 1810, he forcibly deported the NSW Corps and brought the 73rd regiment to replace them. [citation needed] However, the administration of the colony, led by Governor Richard Bourke, had adopted the British liberal creed that education was critical for popular participation in politics. Around 1777, a lot of reformers and humanitarians started campaigning against the appalling conditions of the prisons in Britain. [8][9][10] A few days after arrival at Botany Bay the fleet moved to the more suitable Port Jackson where a settlement was established at Sydney Cove on 26 January 1788. [25], Aboriginal guides and assistance in the European exploration of the colony were common and often vital to the success of missions. They were: Thomas Rose, a farmer from Dorset, his wife and four children; he was allowed a grant of 120 acres; Frederic Meredith, who had formerly been at Sydney with HMS Sirius; Thomas Webb (who had also been formerly at Sydney with the Sirius), his wife, and his nephew, Joseph Webb; Edward Powell, who had formerly been at Sydney with the Juliana transport, and who married a free woman after his arrival.

Upon arrival in a penal colony, convicts would be assigned to various kinds of work. Since the 1980s, the use of the word "invasion" to describe the British colonisation of Australia has been highly controversial. [58] The Reverend Samuel Marsden (1765–1838) had magisterial duties, and so was equated with the authorities by the convicts. The British needed a new land to send prisoner with a promising future, this is when the first …

Facts about British Colonization of Australia 1: the colonization of Australia. links. [11] This date later became Australia's national day, Australia Day. Because of its nature as a forced settlement, the early colony's economy was heavily dependent on the state for production, distribution, and exchange. One was D'Arcy Wentworth, whose son, William Charles, went on to be an explorer, to found Australia's first newspaper and to become a leader of the movement to abolish convict transportation and establish representative government.

While Britain had several reasons for colonization in Australia, the most important one was finding a settlement for the convicts. South Australia was never a British convict colony and between 1836 and 1840 about 13,400 immigrants arrived in the area. Twenty-four thousand and nine hundred more arrived between 1841 and 1850.

This system reduced the workload on the central administration. Often Phillip's officers despaired for the future of New South Wales. [5] A cabinet memorandum December 1784 shows the Government had Matra's plan in mind when considering the creation of a settlement in New South Wales. [62] Laywoman Caroline Chisolm did ecumenical work to alleviate the suffering of female migrants. According to Australian Henry Reynolds however, government officials and ordinary settlers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries frequently used words such as "invasion" and "warfare" to describe their presence and relations with Aboriginal Australians. Hull, Gillian. The colonies voted by referendum to unite in a federation in 1901, and modern Australia came into being. Famous Aboriginal men who resisted British colonisation in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries include Pemulwuy and Yagan, and many others went unrecorded. During the war, Great Britain could not transport convicts and their numbers had increased significantly.

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