The more I read about this game, the more it seems like there is a LOT more to it than it seems.

169. Players must then hit the three bobble head contestants to collect consonants and vowels, to solve the puzzle on the dot matrix display. If you shoot a ramp and follow it up with a shot to the other ramp - the 3X ramp shot payoff will be lit. Yes, it's tough to manage this trick, but most of the tricks in WOF are tough to perform and that's why I like it! I love my TRS and would love to play a wof. 9y

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. 3,867. It would be pretty unacceptable if you didn't get points for the play. I dont' think it starts them both, I believe it just starts trip Multiball. 92,300 21 Probably not anytime soon I haven't really started playing it.



71,050 In many bars the game show is shown 5 nights a week. At the end of the day I wanted to make room for other stuff...but it's still pretty neat. I don't believe you can do the same with TRIP multiball when it is lit at the same time as a BONUS mode.

103. A mini dot matrix display in the playfield that directs the player during gameplay; 5. But again - keep in mind the timeframe. Sorry about that. So, I have a Wheel of Fortune, haven't even lifted the head yet. That places too much emphasis on the WOF multiball.

This will make the effort to get to WOF multiball more balanced with Trip multiball and with spelling BONUS. 8y ORANGE Lighted Shooter Rod Plate Cover Stern Sam/Whitestar, Game On-Interactive Power Supply with Backpanel Illumination, Pinball Magazine No.

These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The other major bug that came up in regular play was that there was no Extra Ball sound. Note that it will get even harder to start WOF multiball a second time (have to hit each green target twice - once to get it flashing, second time to get it lit solid). Scan the QR code on the right to jump to the URL this document was printed from. WHEEL OF FORTUNE™ pinball features original speech by Pat Sajak, host of the Wheel of Fortune television show, as well as Charlie O’Donnell, the show’s announcer. 15

1,207 Glad to hear you got your WOF. I've found the right in-lane that lights the left loop just doesn't have near as lucrative a payoff as the left inlane to bumpers shot does. 46,050 It's still his name on the game. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Of course, if somebody gets an extra ball or trip in their prize bank, I say forget the points and try to collect that instead. They have had plenty of time to do so. It's a surprisingly fun game.

Three animated, bobble head contestants that call out puzzle letters when hit; 3. In general, these modes can be pretty lucrative. 10y 124K Dennis Nordman, Keith Johnson, and the engineering staff at Stern Pinball designed the WHEEL OF FORTUNE™ pinball machine. 19,349 Great game.

Yeah, you're's not really "Keith's Game" but Stern Pinball Inc's game, and if someone REAAAAALLLY wanted it finished, someone could have finished it. If you didn't notice it on the DMD or through the lit insert, you had no idea. Great hints and tips everyone! Does the multiball tally just not display correctly but award corretly? Not so bad, but annoying.

It's a pretty difficult've got all the Wheel modes to get through, tons of puzzles. 13,010 20,302

Another little known trick to get points is that while the wheel is still spinning after hitting a contestant, a shot to any contestant will score the value of the last wheel hit. It’s classic ‘complete a sequence’ pinball.”.


10,650 It is distributed domestically and internationally by CBS Television Distribution, a unit of CBS Corp. About Sony Pictures Consumer Products This listing has pictures showing different stages of Stern's production: Much lower risk way to light solve the puzzle then the high risk contestant target shots. Like that's going to happen. Any WoF experts want to chime in with strategy or advanced ways to play this game? It's fun.

8y Backglass art also features Pat Sajak and co-host Vanna White. The outlines with free spin combined with dual center trains were the highlight for me.. nudging was never as important as this it is for this game. Fourth: try to light the WOF multiball and a BONUS mode so that you can start both simultaneously. There is no incentive now as the game is out of production. Things get really crazy when you get both multiballs at once as you need to keep track of the TRIP multiball shots you need to get to Super Jackpot and also keep track of how many times you've made the WOF multiball shots to take that to Super Jackpot as well.

150K Keith was the programmer of WOF. Thanks for this info. I wrote my email with the rule-set totally from memory because I was too darn lazy to get up and walk downstairs and look at the game! I'm not sure if he wants to finish it or not, or if he is even able to or not. Heck, they still can. - The multiballs can be stacked - I believe some of the bonus modes can be going on at the same time too.

7. On default, hitting ANY green target will give you credit for an unlit green target that you still need. To learn more about the Wheel of Fortune television show, 126 Not saying that someone else couldn't do it, but Keith is not there to finish the code anymore. 59,300 Yes, truly a "one of a kind" game. The Multiball totals aren't displayed correctly. 11y Okay. At the end of the day I wanted to make room for other stuff...but it's still pretty neat. My daughter below still talks about it all of the time.

These games will not operate in countries with 50 cycle electricity (Europe including the UK). 5,804 If you get lucky and start Ramp Rampage or Wheel Frenzy as your bonus mode you'll find yourself racking up some huge points in no time at all.

Use the next hardest setting which forces you to have to hit each specific unlit green target once to light that specific target.

Hardly a major bug. You can also stack WOF MB, a trip MB and a bonus wheel mode, but you can't start them all with one shot.

I work for a development company and have programmers come and go. Second rule of play: Get those under ramp in-line targets every time. 8. ), $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If you make both ramps consecutively and both decals are flashing, the next shot is worth 4X.

Definitely a game I will own again one day. I am pretty sure Keith played guitar on most of the multiball songs as well.

Honestly if the "Wizard Bonus" inserts weren't there, no one would have known the game was unfinished (aside from the EB sounds & Multiball tally).

This will simultaneously solve the puzzle, start a bonus wheel mode, start Wheel of Fortune multiball, and start your Prize Puzzle Trip multiball. SPE is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America (SCA), a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. 1.

My daughter below still talks about it all of the time. I can't count the number of times I've slapped myself in the forehead as the ball bounces off the center post and underneath the flipper. My wife and (now 5 year old) son REALLY missed the game even though they didn't play that much. What's a fair value for a clean and nice WOF?

At the time, these bugs were huge, but when compared to the current Stern's, they would be extremely minor.

Even contacted one a couple months ago, he said he plays it almost every night. Third Rule of Play: always go for spelling BONUS and then starting the BONUS mode. Sometimes I miss mine cuz it's so unique...and I love the Chicago Multiball music.

Did you know Pinside is able to run thanks to donations from our visitors? WAY too much hype on the unfinished code. I try not to listen to the pinball snobs.

And making the ramp shots adds the additional payoff of lighting the extra ball when you make enough ramp shots depending on the setting. The WHEEL OF FORTUNE™ pinball machine is the perfect piece for all locations, especially street locations. 10y It was destroyed by RGP'rs because of the theme. This game takes a lot of crap for having incomplete software, but from videos I've seen there is a lot more to it than it looks. Keith did a big interview about WOF in Pingame Journal I believe. 8y It's still enjoyable on the merits of what's included. The wheel would spin, I hit the contestants and I was frustrated that I wasn't "getting credit" for it.

SR discovered that trip jackpots don't reset unless power is cycled. Tons of different strategies it seems, stacking looks like the way to go. These modes can be loads of fun and with big payoffs, but some are tricky to figure out how to maximize points.

Tough to hit a specific person from that distance and especially not easy to do with Lonnie as he can only be hit with the right flipper (or a well placed ricochet from the left).

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