It's sad that my native american ancestors got lied to repeatedly, cheated, and murdered like they were. Sony Usa Ceo, Van Gogh Red Poppies And Daisies,

Jesus Quotes - Top Biblical Quotes from Christ The words of Jesus Christ are life changing and timeless.

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. No one could come close to him (certainly no one of the present day) in his natural wisdom and innate courage, and if you guys think that you are so superior to Tecumseh, you are flat out goofy. Both are expertly documented and written on the life of one of our most treasured ancestors. Trouble no one about their religion;respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. – Tecumseh

, Responsibility My dad was a great lover of nature and lived his life so that he respected all living things. Didn't the Great Spirit make them all for the use of his children? , Freedom We shall kill them, the men, even the women and children and we will dig up their graves so even their bones shall not rest on our land." Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living.

The son of your own God.

Merry Christmas to all. BrainyQuote has been providing inspirational quotes since 2001 to our worldwide community. When Jesus Christ came upon the Earth, you killed Him. , Integrity

Profound and wise words from the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh. The son of your own God. You all do realize Tecumseh fought alongside the British in the War of 1812 He died in Canada fighting against Americans who were invading what is now Ontario. From them, I take my only existence.”-- Tecumseh . I think these guys can think for themselves. Respect that view and you may become extinct before you have that peaceful and hopeful death.

Since the Native Americans 'did not know what was good for them' they were wiped out. Dress Code. Let honest dialog reveal what it does. Tecumseh.

It really shows who Tecumseh was and what he repersents. Have you no brain of your own? authoritarianism. Tecumseh. Yes, Bill, the true practice of Christianity did not wipe out the Indians and their culture, but the missionaries did with the help of the US military. WHAT? He died a military General. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself. Phil B., do you think that Tecumseh was something like Paul Bunyan or Johnny Appleseed or some Disneyesce creation.?

Designer Makeup Bags, Jim Alter Ft Wayne Indiana, To -- David L. Rosenthal, Vomiting in the toilet. Archer's staement of bigoted, biased ignorance has tricked you into believing his unqualified assertion. Ten Stars: Wow! , Wisdom. The intent to Christianize the savages is well known. He was busy, with his allies, fighting to save a piece of the North American paradise for his people and their supporters. Nike Sb Dunk Low Grateful Dead, This quote should be put in the context of its time in history and North American tribes "global knowledge" rather than present day 20/20 hindsight. Kind of puts things in perspective. I originally come from Southern Ohio, the home of the Shawnee. Chalk another one up for Christianity. Ufc 250 Purse,

, Love Give thanks for your food, and the joy of living. Entry Level Nurse Practitioner Programs, Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living.

I don't have a problem with Jesus, I have a problem with slaughtering indigenous people in the name of civilizing them by Christians. I have great respect for how he lived, and how/why he died. , Courage Considering that the settlers came to destroy his country, slaughter his people and all indigenious people, take what did not belong to him.. oh, and do all lthis in the name of the LORD, let's not forget the Manifest Desting law. Society was far more civilized before they took over our schools, prisons, welfare programs, police departments and courts. Dusable Museum Coates, We specialized in customize all kinds of rechargeable batteries and battery packs for more than 10 years, including Lithium-ion battteries, Lithium-Polymer batteries,Ni-MH batteries,Ni-CD batteries,LiFePO4 batteries. I am the maker of my own destiny! , Duty Not christanity, but the idea of manifest destiny as practiced by President Andrew Jackson (Democrat) and other progressives of the era.

Show respect to all people and grovel to none. what a lot of comments - perhaps we could pin this on the door of every child's bedroom, as I believe it's to late for their parent's.

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