The Earl's backstory and what he does to his previous clients. A military force invades the planet and kidnaps the band ("Aerodynamic"). While having a dream about her, he was suddenly woken up by the alarm of the distress call.

Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. Report this film.

He was determined to save the abducted band and followed the aircraft which they are being kept on to Earth.

He had a romantic interest in the bassist of the band, Stella, having a poster of her on his bedroom ceiling and dreamed about being with her.

Nor does it have any rules. After their arrival and their impact on the human population, the members of the band try to piece back their identities, escape from the clutches of the evil music executive, and return to their own world. When "One More Time" climbs to #2 on the charts, #1 is "High Anxiety" by Mel "Bean" Brooks --, The cyborgs' car is crushed by a truck, and when emerging from it, the damaged cyborg has a red eye behind sunglasses, like in, The arrival of the band in a van during the night is reminiscent of many.

I've been very busy recently so I was quite tired and wanted to watch something reserved and low-key that I could watch with ease. The guards at the record company watch a soccer game between France and Japan. Interstella 5555 es una visualización anime del álbum «Discovery» de Daft Punk.

Seeing this at a young age definitely helped to cement it deep in my psyche, but you couldn’t convince me that this doesn’t stay with you? It is hard to imagine people don’t but then the world is full of weirdos. Despite being conceived as a visual realisation of Daft Punk’s aforementioned album the film is as much about, and a love letter to, animation giant, Leiji Matsumoto. Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem brief moments in the "Crescendolls" section. After waking up from the dream, a triangular device was found in Stella's hands which revealed their true identities to the band members. Shep is the main hero in the anime movie Interstella 5555. The appeal of Interstella 5555 will depend greatly on whether or not you like the music of Daft Punk.

Bonus points added for some interesting commentary about the state of the entertainment/music industry made, but negative points deducted for the generic love story with no characterization. The main characters will be #5,555 if he isn't stopped. sunshinememoir . He has a platonic love for the bassist of the band Stella. They experienced a romantic dream sequence together. An anime musical created by Daft Punk and consisting of 14 parts telling an exciting interstellar story. Suggestion: Use to draw which ones to…, T0rr3nt Fantasma 1,220 films 341 10 Edit, LISTA COM TODOS FILMES DISPONIVEL NO D_RIVE (LISTA ATUALIZADA CONSTANTEMENTE), LINK DO DRIVE (TIRAR OS ESPAÇOS) https:// drive/u/1/folders/1xKaWJhjoqsVTNOt3OOfURTWwWvt9Vqf8…, Max(ine) the Movie Person 598 films 1,703 20 Edit, Excluding films based on anime TV series and the DC Universe series, which are so prominent that they would almost…, UNDER CONSTRUCTION This is a lot of work - and will take a lot of time - because I need…. They can sometimes feel repetitive. Or will they be forced to play their part in the scheme of the evil, greedy Earl de Darkwood? After the aircraft entered a wormhole, Shep lost control of his ship and it began to take damage and eventually crash landed in a forest on Earth. The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem.

Three times in a week. I know it may not be technically a 5 star movie but for me personally it ticks all the right boxes. She smiled, knowing that it was his spirit. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. then subverted when the rest of the population is informed to the Earl's plans and do everything they can to help the Crescendolls. He has a platonic love for the bassist of the band Stella.

The appeal of Interstella 5555 will depend greatly on whether or not you like the music of Daft Punk.

‘Daft Punk Unchained’ Trailer Goes Around the World With the Electronic Music Duo, Movies Edgar Wright has Never Seen - Help him decide what to watch on the big screen, Edgar Wright Has Never Seen These Movies, Pair Them Up For Four Nights In Los Angeles.

If you know of something I should add, or I added something erroneously here, please let me know…, Watchlist of movies that only you and your best friends might appreciate. I never would have expected that I'd get anywhere close to 100 likes on this…, Constantly updating. As for Homem-Christo, when he finds out they lost to The Crescendolls, he claps politely, but still has a "heartbreak" symbol on his helmet. Octave getting tazed just trying to explain what he's doing at the record company after hours. Was this review helpful to you? It has the most variety of their work, and just generally feels constantly interesting. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. It's difficult to rate Interstella 5555 as a movie because it isn't one. Either way, I am a huge fan of them as a music group and of this album. The dawn of the new century, the first 20 years. Friends/Allies No information

When a ship Terran invade the planet and kidnap the band Shep is alerted and chases the kidnappers through a wormhole that lead toward Earth. We learn how the artists have ... See full summary », Videos include: Da Funk, Around the World, Burnin, Revolution 909, Fresh, Rollin & Scratching live in L.A. Also includes exclusive unreleased material, behind the scenes documentaries, ... See full summary ». She is a member of an alien band that is very successful in her home planet, serving as bassist and only female. Plus the story probably has a lot to say about the music industry and how they take advantage of creative people. Interstella 5555 provides examples of: Adorkable: Baryl the drummer. But since I'm an amateur film critic, I can review Interstella 5555, a visual realization of Daft Punk's Discovery. No information Before that album, I didn't care too much about music, but now I do. He and the other band members fled in a micro-van while being chased by Earl's bodyguards in two black sedans. Ellos manejan una señal de auxilio hacia el piloto espacial Shep. "Give life back to music," chanted Daft Punk on the opening track for their most recent album Random Access Memories. Shep, a space pilot in love with bass player Stella, follows them to Earth. The "Crescendolls" logo is inspired by Coca-Cola's.

He looked back and smiled at Stella before flying with Earl's essence off into the distance. The main points of the story coincide with the Daft Punk tracks on their Discovery album. Mobile site. Don't think too hard and enjoy some great music. Follows the history of two robots, the members of Daft Punk, on their quest to become human. In short, this film is a story about a band, the crescendolls, when they're abducted by an evil record producer and brainwashed into making music for him.
Soldier But you will be left stunned.A tip: watch the 'extras'. Day 3: Shep from Interstella 5555 singing “Digital Love”. I cannot stress how brilliant this is? In the first, "Magnetic Rose," four space travelers are drawn into an abandoned spaceship that contains a world created by ... See full summary ». Behind this Japanese French co-production is Daft Punk’s album Discovery. Do-Gooder Redeem Stella and her band

It's reminiscent of a type of anime that is no longer drawn anymore (80's-90's cyberpunk anime to be exact). Anonymous.

Use the HTML below. Upon reaching the Earth's atmosphere your ship is impacted and destroy making him take several months to find the band. Many amusing scenes are merely random bystanders doing silly things.Though on the surface, this is nothing but a long music video, in truth, it is an epic musical journey.

Goals As a spiritual essence emerged from his dead body and to save the band from Earl while they entered the wormhole, his naked body was shown glowing in a purple hue. Interstella's world is fun, colorful, and knows no bounds. Shep He appeared to be a large fan of The Crescendolls, owning the posters of them and many of their albums. During a concert that was performed by The Crescendolls, now with their appearances changed to resemble humans and under mind control, Shep flew down from the sky into the stadium and landed on the stage where he used a device to destroy their mind control devices (Which are special sunglasses that they are wearing) by pointing it at them and pushing a button. A group of blue-skinned extraterrestrial musicians are kidnapped, Brainwashed, and altered, mind and body, to be identical to ordinary humans. But despite the impressive animation, the story to this isn't very compelling. nossa daft punk é verdade mesmo tudo com você é na base da coesão conceito e aclamação. Occupation I love Leiji Matsumoto's 70s-style character designs that would look right at home in Space Battleship Yamato.

Just look at Earl's face when he gets the Award. Shep was a lone pilot of his spaceship and he was an inhabitant of the same planet that The Crescendolls are from.

And more importantly, I am an unabashed fanboy of Daft Punk. During the invasion of their planet by the humanoid troops, Shep received a distress signal from The Crescendolls. Because of this, it was unclear if Shep was a fanboy of Stella with her being part of a famous band or if Shep and Stella are actually a couple prior to the events of the film. Even with visuals to back up the music, Interstella couldn’t overcome my problems with some of Daft Punk’s early work. If I were a music critic, I'd give Discovery either a 10/10 or 9/10. And it's pretty damn great. I wouldn't recommend this to you unless you are a Daft Punk fan. Full Name Reprogrammed to forget their real identities and renamed The Crescendolls, the group quickly becomes a huge success playing soulless corporate pop. The moment he tries to free Stella the villain who kidnapped the band keeps and sends his men behind him. More details at Justified in that his falling into the lava beneath his mansion could conceivably... somehow... make it explode.

Directed by Daisuke Nishio, Hirotoshi Rissen, Kazuhisa Takenouchi. There is something weirdly nurturing about it. When he was on Earth after surviving the crash, he wore a light khaki long hooded robe to conceal his identity. An unscrupulous music executive and his flunky kidnap an alien, blue-skinned techno band, rob them of their identities, pass them off as human, and foist them on an unsuspecting public on Earth.

Every Animated Film Made from 1888 – present. He even made a …

Watching this (again) I realise I may have never actually seen it as a whole. Type of Hero

Overall, super cool and creative, why can't there be more album movies like this?

He was a core role in the film. Earth; all of the Crescendolls' fans hear great music, and have no idea about the brainwashing.

By: ranelly. The Most Comprehensive List of Japanese Movies Ever...Maybe, ️Déjà Vu : A Chronological History of French Cinema Since Time Began - Une vitrine chronologique du cinéma français depuis la nuit des temps, The Ultimate Film Canon: 21st Century (2001-2020). The music and art are expressive and captivating. However, due to the fact that Interstella had no dialogue, it could be difficult to identify the certain aspects of the characters and plot. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The main source of audio…. You will never miss the dialog, I can promise you. There's no dialogue in the entire film, but rather the music of Daft Punk chooses to let the story speak for itself. The animation, drawn straight out of Japan, is gorgeous, and the visuals perfectly complement the incredible soundtrack, which is the album in its entirety. Listening to music

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