The Medicine Wheel, or Sacred Hoop, is a Native American approach to energy healing that can be used to resolve post-traumatic stress, anxiety, grief, and health issues. My medicine is not a pill or a procedure, a hospital, or what we would commonly know as Medicine. Also, shedding my old skin for growth. Originally, and still today, medicine wheels are stone structures constructed by certain indigenous peoples of North America for various astronomical, ritual, healing, and teaching purposes. Uttering the words ‘they shall never become blue’, conveyed the belief that one would not fail inanything they did. surrounding that is an outer ring of stones with "spokes", or lines of rocks radiating from the centre. A mirror in which we can better see what is going on within us. (can also represent birth, and/or meeting a stranger and learning to trust as in infancy, explained in Erik Erikson's stages of Psychosocial development). If you have the room outdoors for a large scale medicine wheel and are up to the project go ahead. You stop looking to other people to tell you what to do and listen to your own body and inner wisdom.

Autumn brings with it the final harvest and is the end of life’s cycle. Also many medicine wheels have various other circles around the outside of the wheel, sometimes attached to spokes or the outer ring, and sometimes just seemingly floating free of the main RED was the colour of the Native Americans war club which was used to against enemies, and also the one for protection. probably had ceremonial or astronomical significance. Not all Medicine tastes good, but that is a whole other story! We are taught that this is the circle our ancestors walked. It’s where you realize that you are in the locus of control. Animals of the North include the white buffalo, Moose and Bear. The sacred water contains sacred elements such as tobacco, cedar, White Mountain sage and four pieces, (including fruit and flowers) of many of the plants from the property where the drums are made. Some ancient types of sacred architecture were built by laying stones on the surface of the basic design, and every wheel found has been unique and has had its own style and eccentricities. It’s when something seems to come from nothing or light comes from darkness. Medicine Wheels, sans the name, have been found throughout the world. The medicine wheel is a symbol of symmetry and balance. Other wheels were probably used as part of a ritual vision quest. Phylameana lila Desy, the author of "The Everything Guide to Reiki," is a freelance writer, holistic healing consultant, intuitive counselor, and an energy medicine practitioner. Sacred space can be created anytime, anywhere-all it takes is your intent to do so.

Learning the Wisdom Paths, increases awareness of the individual self. The idea that everything, All That Is, breaks down to one or A medicine wheel can also be constructed without the use of objects, simply draw out your circle with colored pencils and paper. It aids us understanding that without our place in the tapestry the bigger picture would not be as it should be. The enemy’s would be constantly beaten by black war clubs and enveloped in a black fog. The seasons are circular. Historically, the monuments were constructed by laying stones in a particular pattern … To find out more, or book a session check out her personal site.

knowledge to the next generation so that the wheel may start again just like the circle it takes after. Required fields are marked *. It also refers to my own personal power, within me, which can enable me to become more whole or complete. The world is a circle. Animal totems serve as guardians or ambassadors of each of the directions. For more information on the upcoming Events visit: "Heal and you will be healed  Information on Shamanic Journeying, Shamans and Shamanism, includes information on Shamans Initiation, Plants used by Shamans and Trance Dance. The above article claims the term “medicine wheel” was first applied to the Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming, the most southern and one of the largest in existence. If we are willing to respect ourselves and others, we also bring humility to the wisdom of maturity, which is the goal. Shamanic resources including articles, podcasts, free drumming music and more about shamanism. It has moved, as the Wheel it is, towards a personal connection to each person. We work on caring vs. apathy and we realize that we can’t receive care and love from others until we care for and love ourselves. would be an outer ring of stones, then there would be "spokes", or lines of rocks, coming out the cairn. The Medicine Wheel is a major symbol of peaceful interaction among all living beings on Mother Earth – it represents harmony, balance and connections. The center of the circle is you. The number four is significant as it is honoring the Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions. A medicine wheel may also be a stone monument that illustrates this metaphor. It is associated with Winter, the dark of the Moon (when there is no moon in the night sky just prior to first crescent), and the root chakra. Other scientists have shown that some of the wheels mark the longest day of the year. part of it. Allow the wheel to assist you in gaining new and different perspectives.

The term has caught the imagination of people all over the world. The Medicine Wheel way of healing reconnects you to your intuition, nature, your ancestors, and the infinite circle of life. In this direction, we understand the process of change and recognize that we find our place in the world by seeing things through to their completion. The meaning of being entirely blue has the same meaning as the common English saying, ‘feeling blue’. Join our site for free newsletters, content and drumming tracks. Within the circle are representations of natural, and personal powers, in complete balance. This, we will use, as a guide, to help us find our way and ground us, as we embark on inner journeys. In experiencing the Good Red Road that goes form South to North in the medicine wheel, one learns the lessons of physical life. Within the teachings are layers of knowledge; giving one power, over one’s life.

West is black – (beaver) this colour/direction represents the autumn and stands for death. The Lakota, Ojibwa, and Cree Nations, to name a few, have researched and used the Medicine Wheel in therapy for PTSD, trauma release, stress management, problem solving, conflict resolution, business consulting, and more. Snake reminds us to shed our skin to change and grow. During the process of constructing the wheel you will begin to recognize what areas of your life are not in balance, and where your attention is lacking and requires focus. as you place objects within the circle. Spirit is represented in it’s masculine and feminine forms as Above, Sky Father, and Below, Earth Mother … of When we see a diagram of the Wheel, it is a two-dimensional state. Each stone or spoke placement within the wheel focuses on a different aspect of living. Where I live, Alberta, Canada, there are 46 of all known Medicine Wheels, of which there are 66. North is blue – this colour represents the winter and also defeat, failure, trouble, disappointment, unsatisfied desire and sadness. After leaving the physical plain and experiencing death, one goes on to the Blue or Black Road, the world of the grandfathers and grandmothers. Within the Medicine Wheel are the following seven directions: The East is often where we enter a circle and begin our journey. As we grow, we change like the seasons, passing through the sections of the wheel, learning from each. No matter what colour, race or creed we are, we need each of us to create a beautiful existence and expression of the Whole. Another variation is whether the spokes start from the center cairn and go out only to the outer ring, or whether they go past the outer ring, or whether they start at the outer ring and go out

The centre of the Medicine Wheel is touching Spirit, the pure heart, the truth. It brings this

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