Kimmatsu, Haruyoshi (December 1970). A-1-a.

Forced ventilation provided throughout the boat by electric blowers and duct system leading to all compartments except When alterations to the above plans are approved, the Bureau shall be furnished with reproducible copy of such altered plans. The boats were radioed by Warfield to return when their torpedoes were expended, but the four boats with radar fired their torpedoes first and were ordered to return to base. A controversy arose when the government sold the land to a private investor who charged admission to tourists. Towing bitt forward. Access to the after machine gun turret shall be through a door cut in the part of turret wall rounding out from the port aft corner of the day room. 6 drums of ammunition shall be fitted with felt bearer strips and hinged covers. Weight: 61 pounds.
Areas reflecting light near shielded openings shall be Version 3.00, A-2. square inch shall be repeated immediately before the tanks are installed in the vessel. Bilge system comprised of proper piping, with suction strainers in bilge with directional valves, and hand pumps. Toilet fittings shall include paper holder, two wood towel bars, spring-type tumbler holder, toothbrush holder, and paper towel rack. Wiring diagram. A rope deck pipe of brass shall be located above chain locker. So if you are looking for someone to restore your PT boat engines, these guy's have the experience! The following pitch and diameter information is based on PT historian Andy Small's research. Search radar installation (Circuit 2R-ER), S71-1. Electric wiring equipment, electric power distribution, S62-4. A wooden seat shall be securely mounted on forward end of starboard engine, to Stowage shall be provided for four boxes of ammunition. One bow towing bitt, two forward fueling-at-sea bitts, two after towing bitts and 4 warping cleats shall be provided. Remote indicating magnetic compass equipment, S28-1. The contractor shall build, launch, and fit out the vessel. 7/8 inch, except in way of propellers and struts, and in special locations in engine room, where siding shall be 1 inch. Searchlights-shipboard applications, S67-5. FOUNDATIONS AND SPECIAL FRAMING. the efficient service of guns, such fittings shall be made portable. explosimeter Model 2." It is the intent of these specifications to describe the hull construction, fittings, systems, machinery installation, and equipment, all of which are to follow best commercial practice except Intercostal bridging in three courses under forward. Telephone systems-shipboard application, S65-4. 1 Aluminum coffee pot. Kumana gave Roche a valuable family heirloom, a large piece of Kustom Money, to place on the President's grave. Chine log shall not be rabbetted. Type sections. Black-out shutters shall be provided throughout boat, including screens for fixed and hinged windows and ventilators.

[3], The engines were fitted with mufflers on the transom (extreme rear of boat) to direct the exhaust underwater, which had to be bypassed for anything other than idle speed. Flooring throughout shall be fitted with suitable hatches, and all gratings in bilges and peaks are to be removable. Power system, electrical distribution, S63-3. The Government undertakes to complete, with reasonable rapidity, the inspection of all work. [70] Gasa and Kumana gained recognition, especially after being mentioned and praised by National Geographic, and the publication of William Doyle's book on PT-109. In some cases the text has been crossed out in the manual and we show this with strike through. There shall be one main section of flooring mid-length of the compartment, built up in box-panel form which shall include hatch to center tank, and shall have ledges across forward and after sides to support separately removable panels placed in the four corners of the room, also the raised portable steps over fuel tank connections (see Section W-1-k). In addition to the specified plumbing fixtures, this compartment shall be fitted with deep medicine cabinet with mirror door and two shelves inside, and service shelf above wash basin. A roll-up canvas berth, with portable head-rail, shall be installed each side of cabin, with water repellent covered cushion over canvas for seating purposes. Oerlikon ammunition racks and general stowage in rudder compartment. All defects, damages, and deteriorations of the vessel, its parts, fittings, outfit, etc., that develop during the construction and fitting out, or incident to thereto with 5/16 inch plywood gussets, glued and fastened with proper nozzles. PT-109 could accommodate a crew of three officers and 14 enlisted men, with the typical crew size between 12 and 14. Fit one fixed deck light in Warping, mooring and towing fittings, S1-2.

On his own volition, Lieutenant Kennedy then contacted family friend and crony, Massachusetts Senator David I. Walsh, Chairman of the Naval Affairs Committee, who diverted his assignment to Panama, and had him sent to PT combat in the Solomon Islands, granting Kennedy's previous "change-of-assignment" request to be sent to a squadron in the South Pacific.

It is located between station 0 (68") to station 10 (948"). Any defects or The contractor shall supply such blueprints as the Supervisor of Shipbuilding may require for the execution of the work and for the files of Supervisor of Shipbuilding's office. Sanding before and between coats [40], Kennedy was able to rescue MM1 Patrick McMahon, the crew member with the most severe wounds, which included burns that covered 70 percent of his body, and brought him to the floating bow.

plans: Cabin arrangement. We have not attempted to correct any errors found in the original document. The night of 2 August, Kennedy swam 2 miles (3.2 km) to Ferguson Passage to attempt to hail a passing American PT boat. as required. 1 Table, mess. furnish one blueprint of each plan and each alteration after approval, to the Supervisor of Shipbuilding for forwarding to the Bureau. Bulkheads bracketed to gunwale and chine with welded galvanized steel knees, through-bolted on both legs. additional cupboard shall be placed on forward bulkhead extending from crew's quarters door to inboard cupboard, this shall be of bin construction with compartments about 16 inches wide, each pair of which shall have a common lid. All faying surfaces shall be glued. Page 5, line 38, DELETE"1 M.S.A.

1 Pot holder 6-qt. NOTE: The Detail Specifications are based on Specifications for Motor Torpedo Boats PT 103 to 138 design No. [44] It took four hours to swim to the island, 3.5 miles (5.6 km) away, which they reached without encountering sharks or crocodiles. be of mahogany 7/8 by 3 inches in crew's quarters, and elsewhere below sink board and counter. (Per BuShips ltr. From the content of the messages, it is clear both Thom and Kennedy trusted the coastwatchers with their lives, as neither message contained the exact coordinates of their location, nor the name of Olasana Island.

A roll-up canvas berth, with portable head-rail, shall be installed each side of cabin, with water repellent covered cushion over canvas for seating purposes. U.S.N.R

Girders shall aline continuously fore 1 Regular steel shipping cradle per boat, complete with chocks and Special attention shall be given to ports, windows, hatches and fittings passing through decks. cabinet with two doors and a shelf shall be mounted on forward bulkhead about 18 inches clear of table top. Planking shall be mahogany in two layers, laid diagonally in opposite directions; total thickness of topsides 3/4 inch, inner 5/16 inch and outer 7/16 inch; and of bottom 15/16 inch, inner 7/16 inch and outer 1/2 inch. All stowage arrangements shall be tested by trying the various articles in place. One photograph of the broadside of the vessel proceeding at full speed against a clear background shall be taken.

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