What’s interesting to note is that the 1800s was the most toxic period in the history of cosmetics. For centuries, women tried to look as pale as possible. In fact, meteorites and falling stars have the same origin. The basic ingredients of most perfumes that Egyptians used were myrrh, thyme, marjoram, chamomile, lavender, lily, peppermint, rosemary, cedar, rose, aloe, olive oil, sesame oil, and almond oil. Study Proves That These Are The Scariest Horror Movies Of All... How To Make Momos & Momos Chutney With Readily Available Ingredients... Why Do Veins Look Blue When They Are Not? They would go extreme lengths to achieve pale complexion, sometimes using leeches for bleeding which would make them look pale. FPG/Taxi/Getty Images. The mentality was that only stage actresses and prostitutes wore a lot of makeup.
Believing that modern living began approximately 40,000-70,000 years ago. There is no specific way of wearing makeup anymore but simply what goes along with the personality, and not necessarily following a particular trend. What Is VPN And How To Surf The Internet Anonymously? Starting from sometime around 800 AD, the Greeks exalted the idea of ‘All Natural Look’ and ‘Uni brow’. Facts about Cosmetics. Became very popular. Meet Kalpana Saroj, One Of The Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs In The... How Did The Language Form And Its Journey? Each and everything made for makeup was made using a whole lot of chemicals like lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. Check these makeup mistakes you don’t know you are making. The concept of ‘Nazar’ was prevalent back then, we can’t blame Indians only for this. Looking back into a brief history of makeup , archaeological evidence has proved that the Egyptians were extensive users of makeup starting from sometime around 3000 BC. Check Out These Cheap Shopping Markets In Delhi For Everything Amazing, 101 Guide On How To Recharge FASTag, Apply For It And…. Before we got obsessed with Kajol’s uni brow, the Greeks were! Mascara packaging was released in 1913. Whats people lookup in this blog: Makeup History Timeline; Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Cover Girl make-up was one of the first brands sold in grocery stores and targeted to teens, that was introduced by Noxzema. In 2002, Botox injection gained popularity as the best anti-aging solution. The first pressed powders were introduced and included a mirror and puff for touchups.The lipstick metal case, invented by Maurice Levy, was also introduced and became very popular. They used castor oil as a protective balm. The Chinese also used a lot of foundation basically to distinguish themselves from the working class laborers who would end up having dark skin due to long working hours in the sun. They used to color their finger nails to distinguish between the social classes. While Egypt was busy in letting their eyes talk, the Chinese were painting their nails at the same time around 3000 BC-800 AD. The long and interesting story of makeup history can change the way you look at your cosmetic products forever, and here is the perfect place to see for yourself how was Makeup introduced to the modern world of fashion.
Makeup History Timeline Graph/Chart Make up will make women look much prettier than they normally look and it’s no where a latest beauty enhancing technique. Facebook’s India Head, Public Policy- Ankhi Das- Quits!

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