The architecture of Lincoln Cathedral and the cosmologies of Bishop Grosseteste. Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey. Hendrix, John (2014) La Cathédrale de la Vierge Marie de Lincoln est un édifice religieux anglican située à Lincoln en Angleterre et le siège du diocèse de Lincoln. The proposition is that the geometries of the architecture of Lincoln Cathedral can be understood in relation to the geometries which are the basis of the cosmologies of Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln 1235–53, in particular De lineis, angulis et figuris (On Lines, Angles and Figures, c. 1235), and De luce (On Light, c. 1215). The organization of Lincoln Cathedral reinforces the hierarchical organization of a just society based on Christian morality.

There is no evidence that the concepts were dictated by Grosseteste directly to masons, but it is well known that such concepts permeated medieval architecture and city planning, and that they were filtered down through all trades involved in construction of the city and the cathedral.

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The cathedral would thus be a catechism of the geometrical substructure of the physical world, in the tradition of the Timaeus of Plato. All of the details of the architecture reinforce the intellectual comprehension of the just or the good on the part of the worshipper. Bishop Robert Grosseteste and Lincoln Cathedral: tracing relationships between medieval concepts of order and built form. 4 Lincoln Cathedral architecture, and the structure of the cosmos, visible to the oculus mentis. Many of the architectural forms at Lincoln Cathedral are unprecedented in their appearance or use, and they form the basic vocabulary for the entire development of English Gothic architecture. Lincoln Cathedral is one of the high points of Gothic architecture; a superbly harmonious showcase of decorative art. Vocabulary elements such as the ridge pole, tierceron or non-structural rib, lierne or segmented ridge rib, flying rib, conoid springer vault or cone of ribs rising from the springer pole in the elevation, triradial vaulting or three ribs meeting at the ridge pole, double syncopated or overlapping arcading, and the bundled and ribbed umbrella column, all originate in some form or are developed for the first time in Lincoln. Sa construction a commencé en 1088 et s’est poursuivie par phases tout au long du Moyen Âge. The architecture can be read as a catechism of the cosmologies. Their radically new appearance has never been adequately explained. . In: Bishop Robert Grosseteste and Lincoln Cathedral: tracing relationships between medieval concepts of … Architecture and justice: judicial meanings in the public realm. Illustrated by a range of disparate and diverse case studies, it draws out the formal language of justice, and extends the effects that architecture has on both the place of, and the individuals subject to, justice. School of Architecture & Design (Architecture), Architecture, Medieval, Lincoln Cathedral, Robert Grosseteste, Cosmology, Geometry. Ashgate studies in architecture The geometries appear in the cathedral for the first time in the history of architecture to explain the generation, emanation, reflection, refraction and rarefaction of light as it forms the material world. Hendrix, John Hendrix, John (2014) The architecture of Lincoln Cathedral and the cosmologies of Bishop Grosseteste. The surrounding Grosseteste’s cosmologies represent a core achievement of Scholasticism, the synthesis of classical philosophy (cosmology) and Catholic theology (light mysticism), which is embodied in the architecture of the cathedral.

ISBN 9781409431732, 9781409471257 (Ebook). (2013) The architecture of Lincoln Cathedral and the institution of justice. ISBN 9781472412751. The wealth of

257-266. With its multi-disciplinary perspective, the study serves as a platform on which to debate the relationships between the ceremonial, legalistic, administrative and penal aspects of justice, and the spaces that constitute their settings. Lincoln Cathedral is the seat of the Anglican Bishop of England and visitors are invited to experience the beauty of the Cathedral from the inside. All of the geometries which appear for the first time in the architecture appear in the cosmologies of Grosseteste, for the purpose of explaining the generation, emanation, reflection, refraction, and rarefaction of light as it forms the material world in geometrical configurations.

Ashgate studies in architecture . The west front, with its Norman arches set in a 13th-century screen, is quite simply stunning. In:

Hendrix, John (2013) The architecture of Lincoln Cathedral and the institution of justice. In: Architecture and justice: judicial meanings in the public realm.

In Lincoln The cathedral, also Norman, stands on an elevated site overlooking the city. In: Built of local limestone, it is severely weathered on the outside, but inside it contains noted examples of Gothic architecture.

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