Sam vs. Nick vs. Sharon. -July 24, 2014-Teen Tournament Quarterfinal #4! A clue about planking was on February 2, 2012.

-February 3, 2015-Teachers Tournament Quarterfinals #2! -January 13, 2010-Jason vs. Janna vs. Thomas [2][3], The Jeopardy! [24] Jane Curtin, Michael McKean, and Cheech Marin advanced to the two-game final, and McKean won the tournament, earning $1 million for his charity, the International Myeloma Foundation. Someone doesn’t make it to Final J! -November 14, 2008-Teen Tournament Quarterfinal #5! -May 2, 2005-Eric Terzuolo vs. Pam Mueller vs. Arthur Phillips (317.2) -December 11, 2014-Peter vs. Jennifer vs. Ryan -April 27, 1987-Richard vs. Eileen vs. Bob. -October 4, 2001-Rod vs. Diane vs. Mike. -September 16, 2003-Jill vs. Brian vs. Becky (352.7) -May 8, 2000-Tournament of Champions Quarterfinals #1, from the Atlanta Civic Center! -January 10, 2002-David vs. Valerie vs. Jeremy. -January 8, 2001-Adam vs. Valerie vs. Rich.

-May 18, 2005-Jerome Vered vs. Frank Spangenberg vs. Pam Mueller, Game 2 (879.6) -January 23, 2017-Neil vs. Sean vs. Vidya -November 12, 2008-Teen Tournament Quarterfinal #3! GSN credit crunch (443.3) -May 9, 1989-College Championship Quarterfinal #2! -January 29, 1997-Bob vs. Randy vs. Davia. -February 18, 1988-Teen Tournament Finals, Game 1! -March 30, 2015-Michael vs. David vs. Cynthia Show dedicated to Phil Wayne. -May 6, 2015-Scott vs. Mike vs. Rebecca Doug vs. Bob vs. Patti. -June 28, 2004-KEN JENNINGS vs. Michael vs. Lori. -September 25, 2017-Ivan vs. Anupama vs. Dennis (JW48.2) -April 22, 2002-Julie vs. Rod vs. Jason. GSN credit crunch (408.2)

Anna Gohmann vs. Blake Hernandez vs. Emily Karrs. -February 19, 1988-Teen Tournament finals, game 2! 7/8/17 repeat No commercials (SF37.2) GREAT game! to six-year highs",!_tournaments_and_events&oldid=985071580, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 19:44. Since its discontinuation in 1995, players aged 50 and older have appeared in regular games. -January 21, 2010-Celebrity episode! -June 13, 1996-Bill vs. Rick vs. Mary Ann.

was "This slang term for an environmentalist is literally true of groups that used passive resistance vs. deforestation, as in India in 1973."

Maria Bennici vs. Will Casper vs. Katie Gill (693.10) GSN broadcast (PD6.3) -February 10, 1986-Paul vs. Steve vs. Susan. -July 18, 1996-Olympic Games Tournament, game 4! series that had aired to that point. -April 22, 1994-John vs. Ken vs. Jeff (SF58.8) -September 26, 1986-Don vs. Mark vs. Zanette (GG85.3)

Jill goes for 5-in-a-row! (SF34.4) -May 19, 2016-Power Players, from DAR Constitution Hall! -July 18, 2006-Bruce vs. Ann vs. Justin. -October 11, 2004-KEN JENNINGS vs. response "Who is ATLAS (congrats, David!! -May 17, 2016-Power Players, from DAR Constitution Hall! -July 26, 2007-Teen Summer Game Finals #1! -June 29, 2010-Janet vs. Christopher vs. Steven -June 8, 2005-Kevin vs. Susie vs. Daniel (336.13) 3/28/20 repeat "Potent Potables", a category dedicated to alcohol. That's, 2002 Teen Tournament winner Bernard Holloway managed to get only five right answers, and four, The last clue on the board was a Daily Double, which went to the only contestant who still had money, 1988 5 day champion Jeff Richmond; he wagered $1,000 and got it wrong. Ken Jennings, Bob Harris, and Brad Rutter are in the audience! -April 29, 2010-Buddy vs. Linda vs. Robin -January 8, 2003-Kids Week! No commercials (SF14.3)

Tim Russert vs. Catherine Crier vs. Tom Clancy. -March 30, 1995-Bruce vs. Jeff vs. Hugh.

-November 8, 1995-Celebrity Jeopardy! Some commercials cut (Oct1.4) -February 10. -December 14, 2010-Game show veteran Jonathan Corbblah vs. Judy vs. Tom. -December 29, 2014-Vaughn vs. Thomas vs. Ramona (1078.7)

No commercials (JW61.2)

-December 27, 2001-Holiday Kids Week! Day 73 for Ken (486.2) Catch all the April Fools' Easter eggs! -November 3, 2015-Marcus vs. Ryan vs. Lisa -January 20, 1992-Walter vs. Mel vs. Megan. -July 1, 2004-KEN JENNINGS vs. Vicki vs. Chris. -December 11, 1996-Brad vs. Sheila vs. Jeff.

-January 29, 2010-Rebecca vs. Francie vs. Jordan -August 1, 2013-Kids Week! -May 9, 1997-International Tournament finals, game 2! [1] The first week consists of five quarterfinal matches featuring three different champions each day. In the original Fleming era, all contestants received their cash earnings win or lose; however, contestants who finished with $0 or a negative score received parting gifts. -May 20, 2005-Brad Rutter vs. John Cuthbertson vs. Chris Miller, Day 2. Ultimate Tournament: Round 3 -June 8, 2006-Roberta vs. Jessica vs. Kerry (768.5) -July 5, 2002-Ted vs. Shelley vs. John. This also happened to Christine Black and Anna Rodriguez, who had very low winning totals on their first games ($600 and $799, respectively), then finished third on their second games, thus meaning they won, 1988 Seniors Tournament competitor D.J. Larry Cloud vs. Andrew Garen vs. Pam Mueller. No commercials (MS5.1) GSN broadcast (SF23.5) [20] Rutter's team won the contest, with Jennings's team finishing second and splitting $300,000; Burnett's team (the wild card entry) came in third, splitting $100,000. GSN credit crunch (519.8) -November 7, 1994-Celebrity Episode! However, it should be noted that the "British Art & Artists", "Give the Order", "CIA Directors", "McWriters", "Canadian Cities", "Retired Yankee Number Math" and "Central American Capitals" categories each included a Daily Double, so one of the other two contestants could have given a correct response in any case. Though there's no English language domestic version of. No intro due to cable glitches, GSN credit crunch (1047.2) -April 24, 2015-Greg vs. Chip vs. Eric. -December 12, 2017-LaKedra vs. Ian vs. Sarah No commercials (SF8.6) Rob vs. Leanne Season 20 Bob wagered all $10,400 to cheers and applause in the audience... but he wound up being completely stumped by the clue.

GSN broadcast, no last segment (JJ.3) Matt Jackson vs. John Schultz vs. Jennifer Giles Still... On the aforementioned episode from the NBC era, where all three contestants were disqualified from Final Jeopardy! Includes commercials for a Brain Bus event in Washington DC! GSN commercials (SF29.1) -April 21, 2015-Todd vs. Michael vs. Rachel Michael proposes to his girlfriend during the contestant interviews! Anytime an entire category goes without a correct response: November 3, 2014: "CIA Directors".

-October 16, 2008-Meredith vs. Amanda vs. Steven (1066.7) (GG22.4) -February 7, 2017-Jill vs. Jody vs. Lauren. this time (344.2)

Two copies: 2003 repeat with commercials (162.5) or GSN credit crunch (1100.4) -September 5, 1990-Dave vs. Jody vs. Jeanne. No commercials (SF14.4) Scott vs. Brian vs. Shyra (702.9) GSN credit crunch (424.9)

Mary Webster vs. Lou Pryor vs. Bob Olsen, Game 2.

-September 24, 2010-Kara vs. Hillary vs. Lyssette from his first game, then followed up six clues later with a a whopping. -April 5, 2016-Udit vs. Jeff vs. Toni -November 10, 1993-Celebrity Jeopardy! -June 14, 2006-Craig vs. Danielle vs. Bob. -February 25, 2011-Teen Tournament Semifinals #2! Rather than pre-select notable contestants, the event uniquely featured contestants randomly drawn from each season during episodes four weeks prior to the event (with the exception of Tom Nosek, whose 1993 Tournament of Champions victory the week before guaranteed him a berth). -December 12, 2016-Tim vs. Amy vs. Bridget

Dan D'Addario vs. Surya Sabhapathy vs. Nick Yozamp

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