Assembling and taking down a Psyclone bell tent is easy! If the canvas remains damp in a place where mould can grow, eventually mould will grow. Once all the pegs are in, adjust the guy ropes to create the desired tension.

A. The original luxury canvas stargazing bell tent. Psyclone Tent –  Bell Tent Instructions and Care Tips Click here to download our the Step-by-Step Instructions PDF explaining how to set up and pack down your Psyclone bell tent. Cotton-Poly is more forgiving than pure cotton, however if your tent is stored while damp there is a good chance that mildew will set in. [Features / Advice]  Make sure to pull the groundsheet tight as you peg – this helps eliminate wrinkles on the floor inside the tent. [Caravans & Motorhomes For Sale]  To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. Simply insert the wall post into the grommet near the guy line before pegging each guy line.

Any dirt that is left in the tent will become one with the canvas ceiling once you fold up the tent. Find the centre of the cone and push the pole and tent up until it is standing straight and vertical. Take off your shoes and then remove the A-frame pole, followed by the center pole and immediately return them to their bags (any dirt that collects on your poles will be deposited back in the bell tent the next time you set it up).

[Event Diary]  [Company Listings]  done Wipe them off and return them to their pouch. [Company Listings]  If you must, make sure that you dry and clean it within 72 hours before mold and mildew start to grow on the canvas. Using a hammer or mallet, hammer in the pegs around the base of the tent. Pull out the guy line pegs, wipe them off and return them to their pouch. We like say it’s adurable (adorable + durable). Most bell tents have a built-in waterproof floor that will keep you dry. Read more for step-by-step instructions… or click the link below to download our easy instructions and care tips. Peg and tighten the ropes and your bell tent is ready to go! Size: 4m diameter bell-shaped tent, a top height of 250 cm, 60 cm sidewall height, door height 150CMcm. Note: Cotton shrinks when wet, making itself waterproof when it rains. You don’t have to set the tent up again, just hang it on a washing line, over some chairs or something similar. Unzip the groundsheet if you possibly can. What do you need to do to season your canvas bell tent? © 2019 Psyclone Tents US. Once all guy lines are staked, tighten all the guy lines with the rope sliders. You don’t have to set the tent up again, just hang it on a washing line from the centre hanging loop. Take the guy ropes out of their bag (if setting up your tent for the first time). With proper technique, a bell tent will keep the rain out and your roommates cozy. There is only one central pole plus the doorframe. As such, with all canvas tents, you are required to season your tent (saturate with water) before using as the cotton then swells and closes completely, meaning you will be watertight in downpours!

Now you can move on to the rest of the tent. Arrange the tent entrance so that it is facing the direction that you had envisioned (hopefully with a good view). Job done! Do the people on the 1st floor mind their windows being blocked by tent canvas?? Now maneuver the bottom of the pole to the center of the floor, likely marked by the “square” at your feet. You can also reference our Bell Tent Set Up and Take Down video for a better visual. A bell tent tarp helps to keep excess mud and moisture off the canvas tent – both of which can encourage the growth of mold and mildew. You can also watch our instructional video: Look for a clear space that is both flat and dry. Bell Tent Sizes. In order to post a reply you will need to register, or if already registered please log in here, Free Window Sticker  -  Recommend to Friend, [Message Forums] 

2) Let that half of the groundsheet dry out and you might want to wipe off any mud. So whilst technically that 5m bell can sleep 6 – 8, if you are looking for comfort, in our opinion as bell tent users for the past 7 years, a 5m is ideal for up to 4 adults, less if you want to set up camp furniture and use proper camp beds instead of … Got a great tip from another bell tent owner this summer to help keep tent mildew free when stored.Fill an old pair of tights with cat litter and fold tent aroound it when storing, helps get the very last hint of moisture out.ok not much help when sopping wet, but good tip. Then go around and peg and tighten each guy rope accordingly. It'll have to wait until tomorrow now as the living room is still full of the rest of the kit. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions, great suggestions on ways of doing something or just to send in pictures for the gallery or to be featured on TSS Instagram account. Wipe and dry this section of the tent next. By doing it this way – and following the seam lines – your bell tent will look perfect and will not have any creases. If the cotton canvas of your bell tent has been affected by mould, mildew or weather conditions, do as follows: Moisten the cotton. Make sure that the canvas walls and roof are not in contact with the dirty or wet ground. [Contact Us]  Shoes off please. Set-up is a snap - taking less than 20 minutes. Grab the large metal stakes. Many people are surprised at how simple it is to put up a bell tent. [Caravan Sites & Camping]  Place the metal “spike” at the top of the A-frame pole through the matching grommet hole in the canvas above the door.

We’ve engineered the LiT Stella canvas bell tent to be both a beauty and a beast. To help you maximise the life span of your bell tent please remember the golden rule: Always store your bell tent bone dry!

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