I saw the Pinnacle Camper, read up on it and ordered it. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. It is the frying pan of the GSI Pinnacle that sets it apart. Every thing about the set so far seems well built and problem free so far.

I started car camping with my wife this year and the spartan cook system I use for solo backpacking quickly proved to be insufficient for cooking more elaborate meals. According to GSI the coating on the Pinnacle branded components should be the same as each other and should be superior to that of the Bugaboo branded products. Here's to waiting for the snow to melt and season two with the Pinnacle Base Camper Cook Set! I’ve been camping for 30 yrs and this set is by FAR the best I’ve ever had. The White Box will run 15 to 18 minutes on a fill of alcohol, which would allow fixing bacon and eggs, pancakes, etc. This is potentially dangerous because the hand holding the lid onto the pot is so close to scalding liquid and it’s steam. In our overall scoring matrix, the Pinnacle Backpacker is right in the mix with the best. The Pinnacle Camper Cookset is very convenient to pack up and go car camping with because it has all of the pots, pans, mugs, bowls, and plates that a couple or family of four needs for car camping. — Amber King & Jediah Porter 10% off all custom products + 20% off all stock products.

There are those sets that are the pot or pots that will form the foundation of your cooking and eating system, and there are the sets that at least attempt to be comprehensive in their feature set. The metal is very thin and the lids are plastic. Our reviewers found this set to be well-thought out and useful when cooking for two. Reviewed in the United States on August 5, 2015. Mayo or butter can be used for frying them. GSI makes the Bugaboo Camper and the Pinnacle Camper. Discounts automatically applied once in cart. ENLIGHTENED-EQUIPMENT.COM: 10 Day Holiday Sale. So the internal lip went up the side of the cover rather than inside the pot. Got feedback?

Maybe we just need backcountry frying pans to up our quality of life! Unfortunately, GSI only includes one of these with the cookset, effectively limiting the number of pots and pans that you can cook with to one at a time. While you could reconfigure the system for backpacking use, the pots are really too large to use with smaller backpacking stoves and their non-stick surface is prone to scratching if handled roughly. The frying pan is only about 10" so you would need another one for a large family. In our analysis of 151 expert reviews, the GSI Outdoors GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camping Cookware Set placed 5th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. You get most of the parts of a great system for two people. Different pot grippers too. Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2020. Disclosure: GSI Outdoors provided Philip Werner (SectionHiker.com) with a Pinnacle Camper Cookset for this review. Instead they float on top of the pot rim, making it necessary to push the lid and the pot together with both hands to retain a seal when straining off liquid. Since the overall weight of the cookset is less important for car camping than backpacking, it would have made sense for GSI to include a sturdier metal lid system with the Pinnacle Camper Cookset that could be used for frying and which provides for a more secure seal between the pots and pot lids for straining hot water. ZPACKS.COM: The 2021 Free-Duo Freestanding Duplex Tent Backpack is now available. These nest into a nice compact storage solution that hasn't opened up when traveling. For the full ranking, see below.

The only way to cook with a lid is to use the Frypan/Plate to keep the ashes out and heat in.

The contents include a clever nesting system of cook pots, plates, mugs, and bowls including: Having purchased and used many other cooksets over the years, the inclusion of plates, mugs, and bowls, really sets the Pinnacle Camper Cookset apart from most other manufacturer’s products. GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Set Review There’s nothing better for a family to do than get into the great outdoors and spend some quality time together camping and bonding. Weight limitations precluded most of her choices and the Pinnacle Camper went along.

Editor's Note September 29, 2020: Checkout The Best Camping Cookware for a detailed review of all the top camping cookwares. This set is cast from hard-anodized aluminum and finished with a Teflon non-stick coating for easy cleanup. All Rights Reserved. (Pinnacle, left and Bugaboo, right.) The only constructive feedback I can give is that the removable / folding handle for the pan and smaller pot has a slight bit of play in it - just took a little getting used to. Those sandwitches look GOOD! It excels in cooking performance, especially with the aid of its non-stick coating, but also loses out on durability due to the coating. The Pinnacle Camper Cookset is designed for use by 4 people who are car camping. The top half of our test roster is divided by subtle, but important, differences. No Trekking Poles required. This helps to keep our content free and pays for our website hosting costs. The Pinnacle Backpacker outfits a team of two with pot, pan, bowl, and cup. In short, make sure you are comparing "apples to apples", so to speak, when comparing the weight of your equipment.

My wife doesn't like change and wasn't about to try that stove because she missed her propane one. The mugs and bowl are the exact shape and size, so you can use them interchangeably for drinks or bowls, except that the “mug” has a removable insulating sleeve on the outside so you can grip hot items. I bought this to have as a two person cook set for my fiance and myself. i used them all weekend camping and was so damn happy. The first day or two, I got nothing but complaints about it and she insisted on using the flat griddle. However it still requires that you hold the lid on while straining. However, weighing in at just under two pounds, you can easily redistribute the weight between a couple of packs, or even leave a few pieces at home.

I realize this set comes with mugs, bowls, plates, while the Coglan’s set does not. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Oh there is a bonus cutting board included - love that little piece! Get your 15.3 oz DFC ONE ($539) or 20.8 oz DCF TWO ($589) while supplies last! I found the fry pan a little small for making large batches of pancakes, however, I just needed to pace myself, producing smaller pancakes while the little vultures circled. The Sea to Summit Alpha is another offering in this general category. If the flame ran out, in a couple minutes, I could have it going again. I just wanted to add a couple more observations: GSI also has a set called the Bugaboo Camper, which has the same components as the Pinnacle Camper and retails for about $30 less. You can also add a couple scrambled eggs and bits of bacon to them. No duplication of photos, maps, or text without permission. Sleeping Pad, Feathered Friends Flicker 40 Quilt Sleeping Bag, HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter w/CNOC Reservoir, 4 x 14 fluid  ounce insulated mugs with sip lids (polypropylene), 4 x 14 fluid ounce bowls  (polypropylene), A combination kitchen sink, water carrier, and carrying case, Color-coded dishware helps distracted husbands pack the system up properly, Integrated kitchen sink/carrier really helps with cookset cleanup, Pot lids don’t lock onto pot rims making straining tricky, Insulated mug sleeves must be dry before packing to prevent mildew. I have had GSI pots previous to this set and they lasted many years of camping.

Also, for venturing into the backcountry, we would most likely leave the cups and bowls at home to pack a backpacking stove system, like the MSR PocketRocket 2 inside. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. That being said, the eggs were cooked evenly throughout with relatively easy clean up due to the Teflon coating. The Pinnacle Camper Cookset comes with two pot lids that have strainer holes in them to vent steam and pour off excess liquid. For a pair of backpackers, the Pinnacle has all you need for rather deluxe cooking. This is a curious omission because car camping meals are often much more elaborate than simple one-pot backpacking meals, and it’s pretty typical to have a main course and a side dish cooking at the same time in different pots and pans. We recommend keeping a towel near by, or throwing a hot pad into your camp kitchen.

The GSI system has slightly bigger pots and all the plates and bowls, but they’d end up getting packed wet if you are on the move, which is probably undesireable too. Both sets appear at first to be identical, however, there are differences in the plastics used for the plastic components and construction of the pot and pan sets. I had used a GSI Base Camper set for years and years and years but it was a smaller, older version and I was looking for a larger pot. We are very happy with this cookware set. This is quite noticeable when you are cooking with them, especially when stewing ingredients or cooking off extra liquid. In many ways, the closest competitor is the MSR Quick 2 System. When you strip each set down to its main pot, lid, and handle, weights are more readily compared. The top half of our test roster is divided by subtle, but important, differences. Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2020. There's a problem loading this menu right now. The color coding of the plates and mugs makes if easy for campers (and kids) to keep track of their plates and drinks during meals and the non-stick coating on the pots and pans makes cleanup easy. I have the 2-person version (just got it in July) I was planning to review. I had to wait a while for this year’s inventory to come in so I assume I have the latest and greatest. Still, you need to be careful to continuously stir foods with certain delicate ingredients like milk, to prevent them from burning on the bottom of the pot.

Of the backpacking-ready sets, this cookware, as well as the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper performs the most similar to the cookware we use while at home. Our test team, for instance, chose it as our only set on a two-week expedition to Chile. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear, A comprehensive, middle of the road cookset for traditional backpacking and lightweight car camping.

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