As peaceful protests and civil unrest continue on Day 8 following the death of George Floyd, another round of curfews instituted by Los Angeles County officials and individual cities have been announced. LAUSD Is Thinking About It, 5.5 Ridgecrest Earthquake Aftershock Rocks Southern California, Mayor Garcetti Says He Wants To Redirect $250M To Communities Of Color, Thousands Gather Downtown To Protest Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey, Barack Obama Has 3 Suggestions For Ending Police Brutality, LAUSD Exploring ‘Hybrid’ Schedules For Fall, LA Metro Buses Are Taking LAPD Detainees To Jail. The earthquake was followed by a series of aftershocks, including a downgraded 2.6, 2.7, and 2.5, according to the United States Geological Survey. Others get added. To support our nonprofit public service journalism: Donate now. Quiz: Can you pass a dictators, despots and tyrants history test? A permanent listing could go into effect in 2022. Others get added. To make sure you get our coverage: Sign up for our daily newsletters.

Protests: On day seven of nationwide demonstrations sparked by the killing of George Floyd, Angelenos continued showing up to protest racism and police brutality. The first quake, a magnitude 6.4, hit on July 4. Yes, an earthquake. 's office to work on cases of police misconduct, Improving programs that keep kids out of juvenile detention, Expanding mental health training for police officers, as well as de-escalation and crowd control training, Figuring out if the early warning system can be used to better identify "problematic" officer behavior more quickly, Making LAPD documents more transparent to the public — specifically on use of force complaints, crime stats, dept. The city's bus service will be suspended at 8 p.m. and resume after 6 a.m. Thursday. 2020-06-03 18:35:53 UTC at 18:35 June 03, 2020 UTC Location: Epicenter at 56.416, -149.773 Gulf Of Alaska. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. L.A. Kodiak Island, Alaska. Earthquake information for europe. The, , UCLA's Isaac Bryan told us, should be "the movement for black lives. Talking To Kids: Tips from L.A. parenting experts and parents themselves on how they're coping with current events and starting conversations with their children about race and injustice. The L.A. Sheriff's Department, however, says it will not start enforcing the curfew until 10 p.m. Your earthquake experience is not only important for science, but also for people in the area as well as our global readership. Wednesday, June 3, 2020, Barr authorizes Justice Department voter fraud probe, Filmmaker lays out roadway showing Bidens’ connection to China’s communist government. Rsearchers took genetic samples from the newborn kittens for testing, Cholo said. Editor’s note: This post is no longer being updated. But if campuses do reopen, Beutner said students will likely attend classes on “hybrid” schedules, spending only a few days in a classroom per week and learning from home the rest of the time. Following the gruesome murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, we are also in the midst of a social and racial justice crisis of epic proportions where the good people of Los Angeles, as well as the nation, are asking their leaders to re-examine our priorities and to commit to taking a giant leap forward in recognizing and ending racism against Black Americans. Per the county, tonight's curfew DOES NOT apply to: REMINDER: Other cities within L.A. County may institute curfews that start earlier. What Happens After George Floyd? Updated: June 3, 2020 … Sign up for our daily newsletters. 'We are not suckers': Republicans reject 'unity' call after 4 years of 'Resistance' He said he and former first lady Michelle Obama were grieving and praying for the families of people killed by police. Strong mag. Rialto remains under curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. every night "until futher notice.". Latest Earthquakes in the world.

LAPD Chief Under Fire: In a statement issued late Monday, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said of his earlier remarks that equated murder and looting: "I deeply regret and humbly apologize for my characterization."

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