I've also tried lanterns using fuel canisters but the mantles tend to disintigrate when packed and carried, meaning you need to install a new mantle every time you light the thing. The Liberty is highly directional (the flip out reflectors direct light in one direction only), while the Peak Illuminator puts out a full circle of light. Tons of directable light.

recommend the Liberty. Indestructible and bright! Won't be using this thing inside my camper before September or October.

I never have to worry about the mantle or glass breaking on this thing because there is none. After tweaking the fuel and air flow, though, it came on at a "painful to look at" brightness. What I mean is that this lantern isn't quite friendly, first you have to let it heat for like 30 sec, second you will need to play a lot with the air/gaz ratio witch is kind or akward at first. It is brighter then the two mantle Coleman lantern I use for truck camping. To evaluate the utility of this new technology, I lab and field tested the Brunton Liberty mantleless canister lantern with the Markill Peak Illuminator (Markill is a subsidiary of Vaude), which is a conventional mantle lantern with a glass globe. The problem with the Liberty at cooler temperatures seems to be that the platinum element does not get hot enough, so the light produced is dim and yellow. © 2001-2020 MacLeay Interactive Design, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The orange/yellow light is magnified and directed by two foldout mirrors. April 12, 2007.

September 28, 2006. It’s fairly lightweight and packs down small.

The new Brunton Liberty mantleless lantern (left) has a platinum mesh element that glows when hot.

Can"t see what I"M tyPing. December 13, 2006.

It is almost too bright.

By signing into your account, you agree to REI's, to open cart summary dialog, press down arrow, Kids' Fleece Jackets, Pants & Accessories.

Check your inbox for more perks. HOT. DAMn that thing i s BrighT. I rated this 2 stars mainly because I'm really disappointed with the light output. At warm temperatures, I could not detect any performance differences due to different brands of fuel or a partially full canister (as compared to performance with a full canister). The Liberty Mantleless Lantern has been discontinued.

A canister lantern might be a good way to finish them off on family camping trips.

Despite the potential breakage problems with mantles and globes in canister lanterns, the "old" technology continues to be the best technology, at least for now. The Peak Illuminator puts out more light, has better light quality (white versus yellow/orange), is virtually silent, and is more fuel efficient than the Liberty. All kidding aside. Like some of the reviewers, I at first got a dull orange glow. I used a little ingenuity, rigged a small steel flexible wire to hang this from.

The light it puts out is a dull orange color equivalent to maybe a 15 watt light bulb or a kerosene oil lamp. 9 reviews. Having been given the Liberty for x-mas I was terribly exicited to use it. At REI, we believe that a life outdoors is a life well lived. Something for everyone: Basic, Premium, and Unlimited Membership options available.   And, wow! Price Historic Range: $79.83-$131.04 Reviewers Paid: $50.00-$140.00: More Product Details from Brunton » Reviews. by Will Rietveld on November 21, 2005 Performance Gear Reviews. June 6, 2006. Other than that though, awesome lantern. Light output (manufacturer specification). Also, it is VERY movement sensitive. NOT CHEAP, listen if you're not a backpacker go buy yourself a good old propane 2 mantel lantern and you'll be happy, but if you want to save a LOT of space and a lot of weight then I would defenitely (spelling anyone?)

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