Lieut-Gov William Paterson sails to Sydney from Port Dalrymple to take over the administration of New South Wales, after being informed of the arrest of Bligh by Johnston. Every January 26, Aussies celebrate Australia Day in honor of those brave sailors. We are in the process of checking and updating all links on this and similar pages. John Macarthur is arrested on a second warrant, and granted bail. Insulted by the rejection, De Caen accuses Flinders of violating neutrality by entering Mauritius without authority and places him under house arrest. Ship William Pitt arrives in Sydney bringing news of the Battle of Trafalgar.

Aboriginal leader Pemulwuy is shot and killed following the killing of four white men at Parramatta and Toongabbie. The land down under started off as a place for the Brits to send convicts, but it has since evolved to become an independent nation and one of the world's leading economies. Gov William Bligh fines Simeon Lord, Henry Kable and James Underwood and gaols them for a month for "writing a letter in improper terms" seeking permission to tranship goods without unloading them. It was the second time the country hosted the games. It still continues to this day, In 1971, the aboriginal flag is designed and is put into action later that year. On August 4, 1845, the British ship Cataraqui sank off of King Island, Tasmania. John Macarthur and Major George Johnston sail to England to put forward their version of the Rum Rebellion. Governor Lachlan Macquarie divides Sydney into five police districts, with seven constables being allotted to each. On July 1, 1841, it became a separate crown colony, and in 1907, it was named a dominion of Great Britain.

John Macarthur institutes legal proceedings against Gov William Bligh for unlawful seizure of the boilers.

The Cronulla race riots occurred in December 2005, at a Sydney suburb known as Cronulla.

Superindentent and Lieut-Gov of Port Phillip, Charles Joseph La Trobe, born in London.

It was first published April 18, 1831, as the "Sydney Herald," and started off as a four-page weekly. John Macarthur is arrested and gaoled, sparking the Rum Rebellion.

Lieutenant Charles Menzies re-establishes a settlement at the Hunter River, naming it Newcastle. John Macarthur is arrested following a duel with his superior, Lieut William Paterson, who is wounded. Sydney is divided into two parishes – St Phillip’s (Sydney) and St John’s (Parramatta). Lieut-Col Joseph Foveaux sends a request to Lieut-Gov William Paterson to return to Sydney immediately to take over the governorship, or send a plan for the government of the colony.

Boyd, a vessel chartered by Simeon Lord, is attacked and burnt by Maoris at Whangaroa, New Zealand, and about 60 persons on board are massacred. Russian corvette Neva (Captain Leontii Hagemeister) on a voyage of exploration, is the first Russian vessel to call at Port Jackson. On board are 117 convicts and numerous free citizens, including Gregory Blaxland and his family, and Charles Grimes returning from leave. Transport ship Ann arrives in Port Jackson with 251 convicts, including 137 Irish political prisoners. These six colonies were Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and South Australia. After a battle of wills over who was in charge of the River Derwent settlement, Lieut John Bowen finally relinquishes command to David Collins. Explorer (Gippsland, Vic) Angus McMillan born at Glenbrittle, Isle of Skye, Scotland. At the start of the 20th century, both Sydney and Melbourne were favorites for being named the capital of Australia.

This is a timeline … More than 26,000 Aussie troops served in Afghanistan during the conflict. Matthew Flinders leaves Mauritius for Britain on the Otter after being released from 6 1/2 years internment there. William Charles Wentworth, age 19, returns to Port Jackson after schooling in England.

Upon news of Bligh‘s arrest reachng England, Lieut-Col. Lachlan Macquarie is selected and appointed Governor of New South Wales. EASY.

Sydney played host to the summer games in 2000. Believe it or not, it wasn't until March 3, 1986, that Australia became fully independent. They include 10 acres to Rev.

A Female Orphanage is opened in Sydney by Rev. He lived for a while at Klemzig, Hahndorf, and Lobethal before moving to the Barossa where his son planted vines in 1847.

Col. William Paterson arrives at Port Dalrymple, takes possession on the site of present day George Town.

During the 1808 Rum Rebellion, protesters deposed Governor William Bligh of New South Wales.


The 1956 summer games were held in Melbourne. Additional riots and protests spread across the city.

Aboard are various officials including Richard Bowyer Atkins and William Gore who will be Bligh’s witnesses at Major George Johnston‘s court marshall, and William Paterson. Four convicts escape from Newcastle and are recaptured near Castle Hill. Since the aborigines atheletic skill was greater than the europeans, a series of matches took place so that a team of the best could be made. Frederick Hasselburg, on a sealing voyage in Robert Campbell‘s ship Perseverance, discovers Macquarie Island.

The last ship loaded with convicts that the Brits sent to Australia arrived in January 1868. He arrives just three months after Nicholas Baudin arrived and died there, also on his way home after exploring the Australian coastline.

Matthew Flinders and John Murray leave Sydney aboard the Lady Nelson to explore and chart the northern coast of Australia.

He explores the Yarra Rver and maps the present site of Melbourne, that would be occupied by John Batman (1801-1839), John Pascoe Fawkner (1792-1869) and others some 32 years. William Bligh is commissioned in London as Governor of New South Wales. Government brewery at Parramatta begins producing beer. Pioneer Barossa Valley winemaker Johann Christian Henschke born in Kutschlau in the province of Brandenburg. Major George Johnston suspends Atkins and other officials; martial law is repealed. Kemp is aquitted on resumption of his court martial.

Shipping magnate, merchant, banker, pastoralist and station owner, member of the Legislative Council, Benjamin Boyd born. Melbourne played host to the summer games in 1956. Australia entered WWII in 1939.

The ship Dart, part-owned by John Macarthur, arrives at Port Jackson. The ship Hercules arrives with 121 convicts. Lieut-Col. David Collins arrives at Port Phillip and founds a settlement at Sullivan Bay on the site of present-day Sorrento. Gov William Bligh confiscates two stills on board to the annoyance of their owners, Macarthur and Deputy Judge-Advocate Capt.

The Wall Street crash of 1929 had a dire effect on the global economy.

In History. Charles Grimes of the Cumberland explores the Yarra Valley.

Crane replaces John Piper as commandant at Norfolk Island. Matthew Flinders sails for England on the Porpoise. Transport Alexander arrives at Port Jackson with 56 convicts, including Solomon Wiseman. On completion of a survey of the islands of Bass Strait, Lieutenant John Murray, master of the survey vessel Lady Nelson, heads back to the mainland to explore Port Phillip, which was known but had not been entered or explored. As Britain passed the Australia Acts, Australians had full power over their own Constitutional documents for the first time in history. Australia became a model for world politics when it passed ballot laws in 1856. The first properly assembled Masonic lodge in Australia is held by officers of Le Naturaliste. The Derwent Star and Van Diemen’s Land Intelligencer, Australia’s second newspaper and the first in Van Diemen’s Land, begins publication. Sometimes we explain how stuff works, other times, we ask you, but we’re always exploring in the name of fun! After charting Arnhem Bay, NT, he sails for Timor to make repairs. He arrives home on 24th October.

Kemp, stops proceedings and arrests deputy Judge-Advocate John Harris for revealing votes at Lieut Hobby’s trial.

George Bass leaves Port Jackson in the Venus. Assistant Surgeon at Norfolk Island, William Redfern, granted a free pardon. The British established the Swan River Colony in western Australia in 1829. This was the first time Australia experienced war on home soil. The "Sydney Morning Herald" is Australia's oldest newspaper. You may remember Bligh's name -- he was one of the sailors set adrift at sea during the Mutiny on the Bounty. Gov William Bligh announces new and stricter port regulations. Robert Knopwood holds the first church service at Hobart on the site of Hobart Town Hall. Qantas was established in Winton, Queensland. Gov Philip Gidley King refuses to allow the landing of spirits from the US ship Missouri on its arrival at Port Jackson. Lieut William Paterson founds a settlement on the Hunter River. The Risdon Cove settlers fire upon approaching Aboriginal men; 50 are killed.

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Sydney colonists Henry Kable and James Underwood launch their 185 tonne whaler, King George, the largest vessel ever built in Sydney. Irish convicts at Castle Hill launch a full-scale rebellion.

Food and settlers from Norfolk� Island arrive at the River Derwent settlement of Hobart, Van Diemen’s Land.

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