Test your knowledge in the “Nature’s Niche” Quiz. 9. 3.Who was the longest-running president of the United States? X How old do remains have to be in order to be considered a fossil? Science Fun For Everyone! X Ans: Skin, Q. ✔ Great Job! Sedimentary rocks are normally formed underwater when pieces of sand and shells are pressed together from the pressure. Milk teeth are commonly known as? The correct answer is Tectonic plates. Stalagmites are formed on the ground of caves. X Ans: Chlorophyll, Q. What two forces keep Earth in orbit with the sun? 120 Music Trivia Questions and Answers. Which layer of the Earth is the thinnest? Ans: Baldev Singh, Q. Which organ is generally protected by all the inner parts of the human body? The correct answer is Reflection. The correct answer is 1 year. Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne of England 8. 2. Solo Practice . a) New York, b) Berlin, c) London, d) Paris There are several different kinds of astronomers that study space by observing pictures from satellites and using calculations. Wind, Water, and Ice are all natural forces that cause what? Ans: Syria, Q.

a) Holland, b) Belgium, c) Denmark Norway, d) England There are several different kinds of astronomers that study space by observing pictures from satellites and using calculations. The Moh’s scale is used to determine what property of an earth material? Are You Smarter Than a 4th Grader? The correct answer is Brightly colored feathers to help beautify the tundra. Ans: Canada–United States, Q. The pieces that make up the Earth’s crust are called tectonic plates.

Test your knowledge in the “Can You Dig It?” Quiz. Facebook. X A bear likes to eat berries as well as fish. When it is so common, we ought to ask you a couple of quiz questions on it. Scientist Amanda has an overpopulation of turtles in her lake and wants to even out the population. a) England b) United State, c) France, d) Japan Electrons “hop” from atom to atom in a circuit, producing the form of energy known as electricity. Which of the following would NOT be considered a fossil? Angela Merkel is belongs to which country? What is in your stomach that helps continue the digestion of your food?

After studying all about the rainforest, you learned about the puffbird and how it loves to eat insects. 4. Who is the longest-serving President of the United State?

What type of scientist studies erosion, volcanoes, and earthquakes? The correct answer is a Stalagmite. X X What occurred after friction? Are the minerals in your body (like Iron, Calcium and Zinc) the same as the minerals that make up rocks? The stages of the moon between a New moon and Full moon are called a waxing moon. What can be inferred from the discovery of amber (fossilized tree sap) on the Mediterranean Sea floor? Twitter. Ans: 1914, Q. Sedimentary rocks are normally formed underwater when pieces of sand and shells are pressed together from the pressure. ✔ Great Job! ✔ Great Job!

4. What is the study of rocks and minerals called? The Doctor who looks at our teeth is called…What? 12. a)Pakistan-Afghanistan, b) India-Nepal, c) China–Mongolia, d) Botswana-Zambia Which type of rock or mineral was a conductor of electricity? ✔ Great Job! Finally, we can say, with the help of these detailed instant trivia questions for 4th grade (trivia quiz for 4th grade), you can easily learn something new about 4th grade with every question you attempt in any important subjects or topic. 2. Which form of adaptation can be adopted the fastest by an entire species? X

Recently, you found out that the population of wolves in a habitat has decreased because of illegal hunting. Ans: Texas, Q. Roger Bacon invents gunpowder. ✔ Great Job! What type of fossil is this considered? X a) Fibrous Roots, b) Underground roots, c) Aerial Roots, d) Taproots Which is not a property in which geologists classify earth materials? A one on the scale refers to the softest of rocks. X The correct answer is Hematite. Drew had a project at school where he had to create an animal that would survive really well in the tundra. ✔ Great Job! a) Mexico, b) Japan, c) Canada, d) UAE The correct answer is Geology. Which celestial body has the most gravitational pull? a) Bacteria, b) Virus, c) Protozoa, d) Fungi The correct answer is a Bone. 3.

Geography Trivia Quizzes for 4th Grade Students- Basic World Geography Trivia Quizzes for 4th Grade: Q. 4th grade .

Stalactites are formed on the ceilings. Ans: Germany, Q. The correct answer is Moon. What is it called when your digestive system is moving to help in the process of digestion? Ans: 1920, Q. When molten rock erupts out of a volcano onto the Earth’s surface, we call it lava. What layer of the earth contains solid rock and can can also form magma? If a paleontologist excavates an actual bone from a dinosaur, what type of fossil is this considered? What is the reason behind most of the plants are green? The correct answer is Static. a) William McKinley, b) Dwight D. Eisenhower, c) Gerald Ford, d) William Henry Harrison SHARE. What is the term used to describe the visible portion of the moon’s light getting bigger each night? 5.

What is the main use of molar teeth? Egypt conquered by Alexander? Ans: 1837 A.D. Ans: London, Q. Death of Mohammed; Beginning of Hijiri Era. Ans: Enamel, Q.

a) Italy, b) Croatia, c) Serbia, d) Slovenia 1. a) Japan, b) North Koria, c) South Koria, d) China Minerals are not classified as rocks. Mirrors are a great example of light bouncing off an object by reflection. Ans: Russia. Static electricity builds up on our bodies creating our hair to stand on end. Where is the Capital city of Croatia?

The correct answer is Mineral. a) Thomas Jefferson, b) Abraham Lincoln, c) King George III, d) George Washington Played 17 times. What is a food called that has poor nutritional value?

Weird right?

Test your knowledge in the “Moon in Motion” Quiz. The period of Aristotle and Plato? ✔ Great Job! What does a streak plate tell you about a specific mineral? Conductors allow electricity to pass through it. What is the role of an organism in its environment? Finish Editing. a) Saudi Arabia, b) Iran c) Egypt, d) Turkey 18. What are the giant slabs of rock which fit together to form the earth’s surface called? Share practice link. 7. This quiz is incomplete!

a) United State, b) Canada, c) England, d) France What happens if you end up taking in more calories than burning for a longer period of time? Save. Battle of Trafalagar and Nelson’s death. Easy Science Trivia Quizzes for Grade 4th (Simple 4th Grade Quizzes on Science): Q. X a) South America, b) North America, c) Africa, d) Europe

a) Northern Europe, b) Southern Europe, c) Western Europe, d) None of these Which countries share the longest border with each other? Ans: 5 Sense Organ, Q. RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR.

The two separate poles of a magnet are North and South. What kind of adaptation is it when an animal has a special coloring that warns other animals it is poisonous? ✔ Great Job! Ans: Rajasthan, Q. The correct answer is Refraction. The moon makes orbits around the Earth about once every month. Trace fossils are proof of an animal other than the animal itself. X Ans: 1776 A.D. Q. In order for something to be considered a fossil, it must be over 10000 years old. The correct answer is Parallel Circuit. Ans: 1865 A.D, Q. a) Mexico City, b) California, c) Alabama, d) Cancun Bashar al-Assad is belongs to which country? Batteries provide a portable form of electricity by producing positive and negative molecules to create a circuit. The correct answer is Opposite Pole. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz: Who is credited with the discovery of Electricity? Simple 4th Grade Trivia Questions and Answers on World History: Q. Groundnut is generally found in which part of the plant? Ans: Egypt, Q.

Suddenly a new species of plant is introduced to the habitat with leaves that are blue with orange polka dots. ✔ Great Job! a) Germany, b) Russia, c) China, d) Saudi Arabia Homework.

First Olympiad in Greece? Ans: Root.

a) Kazakhstan–Russia, b) Canada–United States, c) India – China, d) Argentina-Chile How many sense organ in our body?

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